Dark Matter, outline of the 2008 poetry and prose collection book Dark Matter is the 2008 Scars Publications poetry and prose collection book release. It contains select accepted writings from cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, in addition to artwork... You can also order this book as either a download, a paperback book or a hard cover book, or even as a paperback book or a hard cover book with color interior pages to see the artwork the way it’s meant to be seen!

download: $495
bw paperback book: $1495
bw hardcover book: $2995
color paperback book: $4995
color hardcover book: $6995

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles (of poetry, prose or artwork) in this collection.

the Editor’s Choice contest winner

Paul Marston Cherry Wine


Ronda Scheerer (hate)
David Lawrence Protestors
Julia O’Donovan Snowy February Night
Kenneth DiMaggio With a Lot of Spit, Blood, Love Juice & Shit
David Thompson Human On My Faithless Arm
Serena Spinello A Sermon to the Select
Holly Cross In Clothes
Shannon Krol Cycle
Kim Koga Brief readings on war between people:
Kimberly Creighton The Hand me Downs
Chad Newbill Laughing in my Lawn Chair
Aurora Elizabeth Blackwell I Carry You
Barry G. Gale I Hear Charles Darwin
Sobbing Softly in His Grave
David McLean dog eye variations
Jack Henry wait for whispers
Edward Michael
O’Durr Supranowicz
Love Within the Darkness
Martin Weeks Planetary Formation
Nathan Hahs untitled
Kenneth Pobo Something Dark Overhead
Martha Deborah Hall REM
Adam Graupe Yes, yes, yes
Ester H. L. Prudlo Carolyn by the Numbers
Cheryl Lynn Moyer The Fallen
Mark Hudson art Wierd Monster (art)
Joseph Reich The Question
Charles Michael Craven Sartre
Christian Ward Moth
Adrian English The Irony of Freedom
Janet Kuypers A New Patient
Catching a Muscovy
a man calls a woman
hiding vices
filled with such panic
Thirteen Seconds letter, 4/14/95 three
accounts for the need of gun control January, 1995
Cast In Stone
Conversations, a day of grieving, 1/22/94 three
the flashback
Did you know I was watching?
transcribing dreams 1
I’m Sure We Killed It
Scars 1997


Pat Dixon Suzanne the Bitch
Bruce Adkins The Executive
and the Good Humor Girl
Edward Rodosek The Judgement
Jim Meirose The Foot From Egypt
Marc Tamargo Unforeseen Circumstances
Gerald A. McBreen Entrepreneur
Craig Nybo Wrong Number
Emily Ann Zietlow Gator
Ruth Innes That Silly Place
Sam Martin Cherse
M. L. Erwin & T. J. Scott Rebirth
Mark Scott Barbara Came to Watch
Andre Kocsis Love’s Labour
Tony Concannon The Intruder
Eric J. Olsen Blankness
Barton Hill Litigants
Shaun Jordan Blurred
Robert Mitchell A Bottle’s Worth
John Ragusa The Sky Color
Lin Johns All Intrusive
Bob Strother All A Boy Could Give
Randy Delp and Nikki Noble Chains and Pains
Farha Hasan Anyone Worth Knowing
Boyd Lemon Some Things Are Better Left Unknown
Valerie Goodwine Tiny Satisfaction
Barbara Carroll Country Garden
James Orman Cannon III The Crusader of the Damned
Rachel Luria Dirty Fingers
Geoff Ralston Mainline
Kevin Cole Workout With Run After
Aaron Wilder (art gallery) Not Everything is Black and White
Roadway to a Darker Existence
Bottle and Beast
Haunt Me No More
The Definition of Regression
One Small Choice
He Who Holds

Dark Matter, outline of the 2008 poetry and prose collection book