Ink in my Blood is the 2009 Scars Publications poetry and prose collection book release set. Because there was a decent amount of material for both poetry and prose, Ink in my Blood is released both as a poetry edition and as a prose edition. Each volume contains select accepted writings from cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, in addition to artwork... You can also order this book as either a download, or as a paperback book.

Ink in my Blood
(poetry edition)

download: $495

bw paperback book: $1495

color paperback book: $5995

bw hardcover book: $2995

color hardcover book: $6995

you can also find out details about the prose edition here.

Ink in my Blood, the 2009 poetry collection book from Scars

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles (of writing or artwork) in this collection.

the Editor’s Choice contest winners

R.C. Speck “Nirvana” and
“Xenophobic Heart”
Sébastien Alexandre “The Malefic House”
and “Mr. Standfield”
Cindy Small Mr. Jellopants

Ink in my Blood: the poetry edition part one

Lucy Winrow You Always Were A Dirty Child
Julia O’Donovan The Fire
J. Neff Lind American Cathedral
CEE Pissed Stanza
David J. Thompson If I Breathe
John T. Hitchner What About Tomorrow?
Alex Jimenez The Coffee House
Lorraine Levin Legacy
Normal when the glass ceiling cracks
on little you-who’s head
Jane Stuart Untitled
Jim Coppoc Blood Burns Like H
Roseann Geiger Familial Felicity
Brandi S. Henderson Outsider
Brian Reickert If My Heart Were America
Eric Obame Sheep 2
David McLean i was running
Christopher Gaskins To get to my heart
Theresa Lee Confession
Linda W. Aceto Can I Have a Hall Pass?
Lauren Wescott Dobay The Dog Bowl
Chad Newbill Blah, blah, blah!
Kyle Riveral The Past
Angel R. Favazza A Strand of Pearls
Creighton Blinn What I Have Learned from Quiet
Americans and Incensed Brits
Isaac James Baker Earth, Fruit, Filth


Corey Cook “ Rhododendron in a Time of War ”
Christian Ward “ The Grammarian and Other Poems ”
Edith Södergran translation poems “ The Stars and Other Poems ”
Andrew Rihn “ The Alphabetical Atheist ”
Michael Ceraolo “ Promotions from the Children’s Table ”
Mark Fleury “ The Breathing Room:
Spirit Light Naming Sound ”

Ink in my Blood: the poetry edition part two

TJ Streett The City
Christopher Barnes Tourist Trade
Jane Stuart Untitled
Tom Deiker We Are Not Alone
Marilyn Raff Fish Facial
John T. Hitchner What About Tomorrow?
C Ra McGuirt Cigarette Poem
Tanya Rucosky Noakes Damage Done
Chris Butler Empty
I.B. Rad Old Dog
Adam McGavin Matthew McConaughey
is Single-Handedly
Destroying American Film
Mel Waldman Eden
Claire Aubin Iridescent Eardrums
Andrew H. Oerke Absence in the Greek Isles
Lorraine Levin Legacy
Marissa Schwalm The Weekends
Ashok Niyogi Fluid
Je’free Desire
Brandi S. Henderson America Loves Big Brother
Benjamin Nardolilli Dependability
Adam Joseph Ortiz song for the repressed
Alleliah Amabelle Nuguid A Nicely Built City
Never Resists Destruction
Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Impersonators
C.B. Anderson Road Rage
Suzanne Richardson Harvey, Ph.D. Alice and Dorothy:Two Little
Girls on a Marriage-Go-Round
Heidi Kenyon On The Invitation
of January 20, 2009
Martins Iyoboyi There Are No Foes
Duane Locke Yang Chu’s Poem 456
John Grey The Wind Picks
Jack Henry redhead
Kathryn A. Graves Mindful Transition
Sergio Ortiz The long and detailed
principal of governance
Janet Kuypers Thirteen Seconds
Charles Michael Craven Teacher’s Lounge
Barry Pawelek it all is nowhere
Eric Muhr Global Warming
Alisa Steinberg Narcissist
Sarah Hoffman Date
Vanessa Leigh Watters patience
Connie Beresin The Boy and the Box
David LaBounty Across the Driveway and the River
Jean Wiggins Dog Fight
Julie Kovacs I’m Not the Virgin Mary
Devin Smith Bruce Campbell’s Worst Nightmare!
Michael S. Morris The Poet
Kevin Leal She Yells At Me
Michael Lee Johnson Jesus and How He Must Have Felt
David Waite The Vandals
(Ms.) James Savage Sorry, Your Soul Just Died
Natalie Williams Argyle
Newamba Punch You in the Face
Kathryn Graves Too Cold
Paula Ray Laying it Down with Pegasus
Erek Smith Saving Lives
Debra A. Suba No Vacancy
Richard King Perkins II Wash Away
Fredrick Zydek Things That Can Surprise the World
Tom Vanderman In praise of my two-dimensional girl
Louie Crew The Incarnation
Sami Schalk Modern Mary Magdalene
Sam Brown Aluminum Beginnings
Kenneth Pobo No Other Way
Serena Spinello Soldier Awarded Purple Heart
(and denied Cheerios)
Jack Henry bar night saturday
Julia Pilowsky The Trees Are Sweating
R. N. Taber Profile of a Hotshot
Vanessa Leigh Watters cesar
Ernest Dean Lucky to Have a Job
frankm Night Sky Over The Mojave Desert,
April 2007
Kenneth W. Anderson, Jr. Naked Little Feet
John Duncklee Baggage
Joshua Copeland Handcuffs
John C. Erianne Why I’m Not Submitting
to your Magazine
John P. Campbell Mail

Ink in my Blood, the 2009 poetry collection book from Scars Ink in my Blood, the 2009 prose collection book from Scars