Ink in my Blood is the 2009 Scars Publications poetry and prose collection book release set. Because there was a decent amount of material for both poetry and prose, Ink in my Blood is released both as a poetry edition and as a prose edition. Each volume contains select accepted writings from cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine, in addition to artwork... You can also order this book as either a download, or as a paperback book.

Ink in my Blood
(prose edition)

download: $495

bw paperback book: $1695

color paperback book: $6495

bw hardcover book: $3295

color hardcover book: $7495

you can also find out details about the poetry edition here.

Ink in my Blood, the 2009 prose collection book from Scars

below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles (of writing or artwork) in this collection.

Ink in my Blood: the prose edition

Pat Dixon To Be or Not
Aaron Wilder art “Fatal Bombardment” and
“The Right Eye Has Done Wrong”
Pete Derevjanik The Unknown
Marc Tamargo Rose and Sunshine
S. William Hepner Boy with the Bones
Brenda Boboige Color, Forms and Family
Aaron Wilder art Empty Spaces and Broken Lines
Magdalena Hentel International Date Line
Aaron Wilder art Beginning of the End
Jim Meirose Visit
Sarah Enelow What Exactly is Creative Intelligence Studies?
Joshua Copeland The House of Escher
Jim Meirose Wells’ Snipes
A. McIntyre Snuff
Joseph B. Cleary Two Shovels
Ronald Brunsky The Only Way
Aaron Wilder art Back to the Drawing Board
Danielle Stirling An Unfortunate Host
Edith Parzefall Management Training
Galia Binder Graffiti
David Spiering The idea
Aaron Wilder art We Thy Sons and Daughters Stand
Derek Devere Operation: Hunger
Mary Chandler Requiem for Salvatore
Edgar Bee Roll Up the Rim
Mark Ali Kaleidoscope
Eric Bonholtzer art #6
Timothy Wallace Laughter Of The Children
Eric Bonholtzer art #29
Michael Schmidt Brian’s Thing
Aaron Wilder art Portrait of the Artist’s Life Values
Sean MacKendrick Fly
John Ragusa The Reaper is Not Mocked
Don Kunz The First Time I Heard The Future
Kerry Petrichek My Brother’s Keeper
K (Franceè Bouvenir) McSpadden A Poor Suffragette
Donna Zmolek A Quick Detour
Alexandre Sèbastien The Demon Diary
Barton Hill A More Perfect World
Aaron Wilder art One Step Forward and Two Steps Back
Nicholas Manjerovic An Unfinished Trip
Tony Concannon The Woman and the Man
Joel Frohlich Rhyme, Reason, and the Meaning of Life
Jon Brunette Preserved for Eternity
Marvin McAtee II A Random Act of Violence
Illiana Vasquez Quick Sand
Liana Vrajitoru Andreasen The Challenger, The King, and the Cook
Aaron Wilder art Agony
R. Steeves The Real Thing
Aaron Wilder art Not as it May Seem
Michael R. Young Sign on the Dotted Line
Adam Dennis In Their Shoes: Five Lessons
Daniel Flaherty Afterimages
Nathan Hahs The Red Hooker Room
Bob Strother Gypsies in the Twilight Zone
Tom Deiker The Day Edith Wamsley Died
Kent Robinson Your cheatin’ Heart Attack
Cheryl Townsend art No Picnic 2
A. Frank Bower My Next Life
Lawrence Vernon The Big Bad Wolf
Trinity Martin The Brother
C. M. Humphries Under the Blade
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz art Obstacle
Randy Medeiros I think her name was Shelly.
Kent Tankersley The Song

Ink in my Blood, the 2009 prose collection book from Scars Ink in my Blood, the 2009 poetry collection book from Scars