First let’s try a few cool sites:

The Universal Currency Converter

go to Clocks Around the World for world time clocks for everyone,
or the World Clock to see times in different parts of the world

centimeter and inches converter
Fahrenheit and Celsius Converter
find the Latitude And Longitude of any location
calculate the distance between two locations around the globe
estimates of the Earth’s Population
Calculate your carbon footprint


this site also lists The estimated population of the United States
and each citizen’s share of this debt.

Or watch the $Loading...  National Debt
(compared to the U.S. National Debt Clock
the United States Constitution (Official web page)
the United States Constitution (PDF file)

the United States Declaration of Independence (Official web page)
the United States Declaration of Independence (PDF file)

Speaking of the National Debt... Check out Bush or Chimp

Or watch the daily animal slaughter counter


the jesus mysteries
the john galt society

red meat

Savage Love: Dan Savage, on YouTube
the Ayn Rand Institute
the Objectivits Center
the objectivist republic of letters
reason online


Intermission Time
youtube video

get ordained at the universal life church
U.K. case study of hosting companies
U.S. Recommented Daily Allowances and optimal daily allowances
Home Star Runner dot com
6 Ft,
Glow-In-The-Dark, Magnetic Bumper Stickers
Twitter page (this is funny, folks) for Courtney Love
Freeway Blogger - put cool signs up to get your message out there!
the onion newspaper
the national enquirer newspaper
the weekly world news newspaper
the straight dope

news of the weird
buy u.s. stamps on line and have them mailed to you here
free spellchecker online
the Darwin Awards
savage love
the savage love archives, so you can stock up on the GREAT advice!!!

Laurie Anderson
Depeche Mode
Karen Finley
Peter Gabriel
Martin Gore
George Michael
The The
They Might be Giants

Terri Schiavo’s Blog
or enjoy a complete site encompassing Online Live Free Tarot...
get your guitar tablature here
build a cow
furniture porn
really cool links
porn star or my little pony?
U.S. Marine Corps Hymn (Marine Hymn)

Would you like the radio on your computer???

To to any of these three radio stations, where they stream in cool sounds live from the radio for you:

Aquarius 7 Broadcasting Network
BZoO Home Gorwn Radio
WSUM 91.7 Madison Student Radio
q101 radio, based in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
wmmr radio, based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
y100 radio, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

poetry & arts

Click below for excellentliterary/artist sites...

six gallery press
-30- Online Magazine
the AA Independent Press Guide
Acid Text - a collection of poetry
Mitch Waldman’s A FACE IN THE MOON
a poem a day
Arcane Matter Out Of Place (Poetry by Wm. Rike)
a room without walls
Acadian Cadences by Greg Perry
The Academy of American Poets
Taalam Acey
Poetry & Photography by Eileen Albrizio


All About Love Poems

sydney anderson

Diane Anjoue
aragonphoto (Anthony Aragon)
Robert Archambeau
(a very well-designed) Art Commotion

marina arturo

Kurt Ashton’s From My WorksHurt
As The Word’s Grow (writings & poetry by Rosemary McLean — with audio on the main page
A Tender Touch and A Shade Of Blue
Athens Avenue Poetry Circle

gabriel athens

Atlantic Monthly
Author’s Den
Author’s Zone Forums
Dave Awl
Beatriz Badikian
Barbara Bales
Keith Barnes English poet (site in French and in English)
Ben Barton (“No One Reads Poetry”)
Catherine Basilicata
check out the Experimental / Jazz band the Bastard Trio
Beach Poets in Chicago
Beauty for Ashes

jacob best

Tara Betts
John Biederman
the “Biggest Poetry Collection” in the World ever pt1
Birds By My Window: Willow Tree Poems
Blithe House Quarterly
Blood Alley
Blue Penny Quarterly
Robert Bly
Poetry, Prose and Essays for the Bored...

jimbo breen

Kristy Bowen
Tim Brown
Michael H. Brownstein
Bum’s the Word
Cabobble - Books and Entertainment
Emily Calvo
the canadian poetry association
the writing of Janine Canan
Cara’s Poetry Cove
Vito Carli
Anna Castillo
Central California Poetry Journal
the chicago poet scene
Chicago Poetry Resource Center
Daniel Cleary
Kristiana Colon for video archives of poetry
Jim Coppoc
Kevin Coval
Charles A. Cowan’s Chateau of Poetry
Critica Inquiry
Cross Connect
Crystal Dawn
Dark Planet e-zine
Larry O. Dean
Digital Library of literature (for free e-books of literature (poetry, prose, dramas,essays, translations)
Kevin Doran: Blog
Thax Douglas
Carmen Eva DuHaime’s Home Page
John Duncklee
jason e
Eric’s Poetic Corner
Anida Esguerra
John D. Evans
Ryan Ewart
faded fairytale
Favorite Poem Project
Find a poet
Creating Flash Poetry, By Bill Dorris, from PW Review
Mary Fons
For Poetry dot com (for visionary poets dedicated to protecting nature)
frankm - art/music
Cynthia Gallaher
Regie Gibson
Gonzo Turtle
Laurel Graham
The Great American Poetry Show
Lee Groban
Sharon Grove
Doctor Groove
Gruene Street
the Guerilla Poetics Project to get poetry to the people!
Gypsy magazine
Ira Joel Haber artwork
the HA!man of South Africa
Ed Hamilton’s Kick Ass Boys’ Tales
Hayden’s Poetry Review
get the stats on Angeline Hawkes
Jeff Helgeson
Virgil Hervey art gallery
Writings by Cindy L. Holleman
Nissa Holtkamp
Paul Hoover

through Double Dragon publishing, and available at

the Illinois State Poetry Society
the illustrated rad
I love Poetry site
Joe Richard’s
In Motion
Interface Magazine
In The RearView
Isles of Myst Review
Laura Johnson’s poetry page
Michael Lee Johnson: Rising Star In The Illinois World Of Poetry
JOURNAL of Innocence Stolen - help for abused children (with poetry)
Robert Karimi
50 words about Penny Kemp
Lee Kitzis
David Kodeski
Kshanti Literary Review
Kathy Kubik

janet kuypers

Dennis Lee
Francesco Levato
Lauren Levato
the poetry & literature center at the library of congress
e-Library of Literature (free E-books of criticism, essays, poetry, and dramas, translations in many languages)
Toni Asante Lightfoot
Josephine Lipuma
Lyn Lifshin’s Poetry Page
Lil’s Poetry
J. Neff Lind YouTube ‘poetry videos’
L’intrigue Web Magazine


Los, contemporary poetry & art
Nicole Macaluso
MAG - the Music Apprentic Guild
Magic Streams Journal
Marc McCune
C Ra McGuirt
Junior Mclean’s Digital Designs & gallery at ArtWanted

the Mark Scott paperback book
Joe Gans: A Biography of the First
African American World Boxing Champion

Bernadette Miller
William Marr
The Missouri Review
Modern American Poetry
Moonshade Magazine
Simone Muench
the book Murderous Descent, by Dawn S. Miller
the Museum of American Poets
The Myth Stimuli, book by Tonelius Oliver, and his philosopoet blog page
nancy’s fishbowl of poetry
napalm health spa, 1999
napalm health spa, 2002
nation magazine interviews
Never Ever Your Fault
Charlie Newman


David Novak

robert michael o’hearn

Daniel X. O’Neil
Pam Osbey
Oyster Boy Review
Kelly Pardekooper

Jason Pettus

Pen N Sword
Penumbra Press

shannon peppers

Raphael Perez -- Gay Art

Persona Online
Jason Pettus
Planet Magazine
PNG Magazine
Poem of the Day
Poems Galore
Poems In The Dark
the PoeProject
Poet’s Corner
the literary magazine Poetic Expressions


Poetic Interests
Poetic Legacy
Poeticus Furor Cafe
start your own free poetry site or read poems at Poetry 2000
Poetry Cafe
Poetry Daily
the Poetry Exchange
Poetry For Kids
Poetry International>


Poetry Poem dot com - FREE Poetry Site
Poetry Power
a list of Poetry Publishers Who Accept Email Submissions
Poetry Society of America
Poetry Today Online
poetry tonight
poetry visualized combining poetry with music and video
poetry world links for poetry sites
Poetry! Yes! Now!
The Poets Corner
Poets and Patrons (Poetry in Chicagoland)
Poets! Teachers! Preachers! FIND YOUR MESSAGE!
Poets & Writers Online

post poems

Purdee (an online poetry and literature magazine)

alexandria rand

Random Place
Recursive Angel
The Richmond Review

the Dee Rimbaud page of illustrsations, writing and publications,
with a link to the free AA Independent Press Guide.

Samira E. Robinson
visit (1993-founded) Rocket Press - a Venerable poetry and fiction magazine
Luis Rodriguez
Emily Rose
Stephany Rose
Carl Sandburg
the Supernatural/Horror “I, AM” by Deon C. Sanders
Sangeet’s Haiku and Poetry Corner
Larry Sawyer
stephanie scarborough: premiere poetry parodist of the world!
the scars dot tvhome page

Cathleen Schandelmeier
Erin E. Schmidt Smith
Steven Schroeder
the Secret Life of Toys — an art book by L. Jones
Adam Selzer

mackenzie kyle silver

Jared Smith
Mark K. Smith
The Smithtown Poetry Society
Soft Insurgency (photography)
Sour Grapes
The Spare Time Novelist
Spent Angel Press
Spyder’s Poetry Empire
Dan Stafford
Stand Magazine
check out the book Stark Raving Sober - a memoir that reads like a novel
the starlite cafe
Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God - with Poetry Web blog

courtney steele

Still: A journal of short verse
Stripped of Everything - a web page of writing about rape
Stumps Beneath the Surface
Belinda Subraman
Dan Sully
Switched-on Gutenberg
Sycamore Review
Doug Tanoury, and Funky Dog Publishing
Jon Taylor’s poems & lyrics
the Taz page, who writes simple, elegant, powerful poems about life on the streets, love and social injustice.
tears of ether
Tears of Heaven - be prepared for background music while you’re there
The Bridge
the story teller
Mark Anthony Thomas
The Brink
The Pen Society
The Purple Stanza Cafe
Third Coast
Thunder Rain Publishing Corp.
the book And Thus The Tree Shall Grow by Terrence Michael Sutton

tiger & twin

Brian Tolle

Torture Chanber Productions
Torture Chanber Productions
: Orange County’s Home for New Independent Horror Media

a book of poetry called Treasured Misfortunes
Triptych Haiku - an experimental journal
Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai
Eddie Two-Rivers
unit n - filled with spoken and written word...
Lara Unnerstall
UnSpoken One
Kevin Michael Vance
Thomas Vaultonburg
Danette T.M. Velez
Visions: A Zine at Ariga
Lina ramona Vitkauskas
Weirdyear Daily Flash Fiction
Jeffrey L. Williams online
The Willow
Larry Winfield

helena wolfe

Jacqui Wolk
the Words of a Woman net society
World Chronicle
Writer’s Beat
The Writer’s Center
Tim Yu
Zero City
Zombie Logic Press: Poetry By Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Claire Zulkey


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you can also click here for poetry in other languages...

For a listing of Presses, Publishers and Booksellers:

A Small Garlic Press
Crossway Publications
Electronic Text Center
Fat Brain and ematter
Fremantle Arts Centre Press
Golden Quill Bookshop
Gopher list of Booksellers and Publishers
Hard Press
Mayapple Press
Mighty Words
National Library of Poetry
Renditions, Research Centre for Translation
Smith Publishers
Solo Publications
Watermark Press
All-Electric Paperbacks
Atomic Books (Baltimore, MD)
Essential Media
Gopher list of Booksellers and Publishers
perfect Electronic Publishing
Poetry World
Recollection Used Books
Truman State University Press
Village StoryTapes
Woodley Press
Wordsworth Books (Cambridge, MA)

Here is a listing of writing organizations:

A Little Poetry
Academy of American Poets
Agricomm Cowboy Poetry
Barefoot Press Free Poetry Pages
Breakfast Surreal
British Poetry 1780-1910
Client-Pull Poem
Contemporary Sufi Poetry
Cool Bird Poems
CyberPages Poet Centre
English Poetry
Ghaqda Letterarja Maltija (Maltese Literary Society)
Indian Poetry
International Society of Poets Irish Poetry Page
Isle of Lesbos: Lesbian Poetry Jellybaby’s Anthology
Lines from On-line
Literary Kicks
Lithuanian Poetry
Maryland Poetry Review
National Coalition of Arts Therapies
Net Poets’ Society
Oceanside Connections Poetry Pages
Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
OZ Poetry Page

women of the web

Poetry Alive!
Poetry Band
Poetry Exchange
Romanian poetry
Spam Haiku Archive
Stars in The Night
Stroll of Poets Society
The Ann Arbor Poetry Forum
The Sacramento Poetry Center
Turkish Poetry
UCT Poetry Page
Universe (Library)
University of Arizona Poetry Center
Virtual Urth
Voice of the Prisoner
Web Poetry Corner
Women’s Writing
Writes of Passage

Here are additional book and publishing links...

About Books, Inc.
One-stop shopping for self-publishers. Services include editing, cover design, interior design/typesetting, printing, national PR/marketing

American Booksellers Association
Book news, events, statistics, interviews, database of bookstores, and more.

The first place to look for book information on the World Wide Web.

Book Zone
Resources for publishing professionals, the Web’s largest searchable collection of book-related links, buy from the Net’s most interesting publishers, publishing news, articles, and more.

The Combined Book Exhibit
The Combined Book Exhibit has been organizing collective exhibits at Library, Education and Bookseller shows on behalf of the publishing industry since 1933.

Communication Creativity Publishers
Books for the industry. All at a 20% discount for SPAN members.

A resource for writers, frequently updated with highlights and market info.

The Library of Congress
Library services, Research tools, Legislative information, Exhibitions, and more.

Multicultural Publishing and Education Catalog (MPEC)
A national networking and support organization for independent publishers, authors, educators, and librarians fostering authentic multicultural books and materials.

The National Writers Union
The National Writers Union (UAW/AFL-CIO) is the trade union for freelance writers publishing or working in U.S. markets (grievance-resolution, industry campaigns, contract advice, health plans, member education, job banks, etc).

The Publishing Law Center
Articles on legal issues of concern to publishers, editors and authors. These articles cover contracts, copyright, fair use, public domain, subsidiary rights, electronic rights and more. Offers a free e-mail newsletter.

Sensible Solutions, Inc.
Judith Appelbaum’s site of sensible solutions for getting happily published.

Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network
Find the latest schedules, read the newsletters online, self-publishing information, and links for online research.

Abortion Rights and Issues:

ACLU Reproductive Rights Project. - Currently filing suit to fight the Communications Decency Act.

see the insides of the web!

Learning and Research:

Research it! - a web dictionary, French and Japanese translator and research center.

Vegetarian/Vegan Information:

The International Vegetarian Union
The Low-Fat Vegetarian Archive
The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom
McSpotlight Home Page McDonalds, McLibel, Multinationals.

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