Rare video clips from Erasure (all real media files)

note: please don't kick our ass. We know that these are not Erasure-Certified files. Honestly, if you’re someone inportant and want to sue us for having these rare video files, please, just let us know instead that you don’t like them and we’ll nice nice goody-two-shoes types and close this page. We just wanted to let people have choices in seeing cool stuff from Erasure, is that so wrong? ... Maybe you think it is, just know that we’re goof-natured people trying to help people out here and we can do whatever you say... I swear.

A Little Respect on NBC Sitcom “Scrubs” (1.3 meg)
This is just too cool for words. Even if in a slightly negative context, the running gag during the episode was that Erasure's "A Little Respect" was like a virus... The characters couldn't get the song out of their heads, and used the lyrics as dialogue in some places to convey their point. The song was featured heavily throughout the episode. (Very, VERY cool!)
For fear of stepping on legal toes over at NBC, I'm only including the intro of the show for now... since this is a rather new series and the episode was aired recently (and has not gone into repeats yet). "Scrubs" is a VERY funny series, it's worth watching if you get the chance. No infringement intended by any of these videos, of course, just providing the opportunity for others to see cool stuff like this.

Who Needs Love Like That (Live from The Tank, The Swan and the Balloon Video) (6.9 meg)
Probably one of the most hilarious and charming moments in the video, watch for the surprise Vince presents when he walks out onto the stage. He's SUPPOSED to look like Mae West. This video is available through MuteBank at Mute Records, which means you should buy a copy!

Always (10.1 meg)
The video for Always, a top 20 song in the US and it still wasn't played much at all by mTV or whoever else thinks they're a decent show by playing the latest Gimp Bisquick video. The first of a handful of videos where Vince is completely lacking as a physical presence. Fortunately the trend got old and he stepped in again for In My Arms.

Run to the Sun (10.5 meg)
This video is pretty bad, you have been warned. If there was *anything* that ruined the chance for this single to have done better, it was probably this video... Where's Vincey?! (During the Instrumental break, the globe glows with Vince's head in the center)

I Love Saturday (10 meg)
As if Run to the Sun's video was bad enough, I'm sorry... this one is just worse. I really don't know what to make of it. The video was shot at Andy's Villa in Spain, so that makes it barely worthwhile for us diehard fans. Vince, yet again, manages to elude being in the video as a physical presence... The noteworthy part about this video is that it was shot at Andy's villa in Spain.

So the Story Goes (Live) (10.4 meg)
I don't know what show this was taped from or what reason this song was performed live. It was included in the bits and pieces I was pulling from a tape full of other videos and decided to include it here. Thanks to whoever chopped off the ending to this piece when they dubbed it.

Stay with Me (11.6 meg)
Another song that didn't quite get the recognition it deserved. Quite colourful and crafty, the video itself is quite a treat to watch. This version from the "Erasure" EPK, a little bit of an interview towards the end of the video is included.

Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day) (11.3 meg)
A single that should have gotten a lot more credit than it recieved. Video is still not commercially available, but was made available to EIS fan club members for a short time (many of which also appeared in the video as extras. Recognize anybody?)

Rock Me Gently (10.2 meg)
Another rare treat, shown mostly only in the Czech Republic, the Rock Me Gently video wasn't released elsewhere except on the EIS Fanclub video compilation. In case you're wondering, the person who's playing Marilyn Monroe in the video is famous drag impersonator Jimmy James. Personally, I think this is one of Erasure's best videos, next to Chorus and Am I Right. I apologize for the lower quality of this video, maybe we should convince Mute Records to put out that PopPlus DVD... *nudge nudge wink wink*

Sono Luminus (Live Acoustic) (11.6 meg)
A song (especially this version) that should have been a single. Was included as a bonus video for the Erasure fan club video compilation. The video isn't a poor dub, but it appears the footage was actually this grainy from the many different camera sources that were used.
Question: Does anybody know exactly what that sound is that appears in between the lines "the sound of thunder is rolling in my head (tink, tink, tink, tink, scream?) the sky is streching out before me"? Been wondering for the longest time, the sound also appears (although softer) right before Andy sings the line "This place I am seems unfamiliar".

In My Arms (8.7 meg)
The video available here, was made by Mavrick for US promotion of the single. Apparently they didn't like the UK/Mute version of

Don't Say, Live on Rosie (8.4 meg)
I cannot seem to find, for the life of me, the video tape I have with the Don't Say music video, but I came across this and figured it would be just as much enjoyed. Few people got a chance to see Erasure on Rosie (West Coast people were especially lucky) because in most cities, Rosie was preempted by the Tim McVeigh sentancing hearings due to the Oaklahoma City Bombing.

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