choose a format song for a song from the band Feedback.

All of these tracks appear on their album Gigantes de Pop.

Blowin’ Chunks (hungover remix)
mp3 file (4.6 meg)

Brother With an Empty Head
mp3 file (3 meg)

Dead Valentine’s Song
mp3 file (1.3 meg)

mp3 file (3.4 meg)
real audio (3:47, 886k)

feedback: eric
Eric Don’t Care
mp3 file (1.3 meg)

For You
mp3 file (4:44, 5.4 meg)

real audio (3:04, 717k)
mp3 file (3:04, 3.5 meg)

I Got You - That’s All I Need
mp3 file (2.6 meg)

I Still Love You
real audio (5:01, 1.1 meg)
mp3 file (5:01, 5.8 meg)

I Won’t Share You
real audio (335k)
wav file (28.8 meg)
mp3 file (2 meg)

Illegal Sailing
mp3 file (2.4 meg)

Infectious Girl
mp3 file (2.6 meg)
real audio (3:09, 739k)

The JamMaster Party Mix
real audio (35 minutes, 34 seconds, 8.1 meg)

John’s Problem Rap
real audio (339k)
wav file (29.3 meg)
mp3 file (2 meg)

Ms. Hatfield
mp3 file (3:01, 3.5 meg)
real audio 3:01, 706k)

naked woman in my dreams
mp3 file (3:30, 4 meg)

Oh Well
mp3 file (4:17, 4.9 meg)
real audio (4:17, 1003k)

Overweightness is a Crime
mp3 file (3 minutes, 27 seconds, 4 meg)
real audio (3 minutes, 27 seconds, 811k)

Roadtrip to Pakistan
mp3 file (2.8 meg)

feedback: brian and eli
Someone Blew Up Prom
mp3 file (1.6 meg)

mp3 file (1.7 meg)

TV Graveyard
mp3 file (2.4 meg)

Vintage Wine
(later covered by MFV)
real audio (295k)
wav file (25.5 meg)
mp3 file (1.7 meg)

mp3 file (1.8 meg)


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