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Laurie Anderson Delusion Highlights (BAM Harvey Theater)

Clips from Laurie Anderson’s Delusion at the BAM Harvey Theater, courtesy of Amy Khoshbin (animator and video artist on Delusion).

from “Delusion”:
  The very last things you say in your life  
Notes from the Diary
Thinking of you
Of the moon and us and other stuff
Telling a story

Laurie Anderson on Delusion

    A pioneering storyteller whose ever-intriguing convergence of technology, violin, visuals, and voice creates spellbinding tales, Laurie Anderson (The End of the Moon, 2005 Spring Season; Songs and Stories from Moby Dick, 1999 Next Wave) opens the Next Wave Festival with Delusion. A phantasmagoric world made up of short mystery plays, her latest work is activated by brooding, deeply affecting music redolent of Tibetan temple horns and Arabic strings, performed by Anderson on electronically enhanced violin with supporting virtuoso musicians. A Homeric epic about longing, identity, and memory, Delusion invokes both humor and terror, conjuring up elves, mysteries, ghost ships, and dead relatives to spin poetic stories and imagery into gold.

Laurie Anderson - Language is a Trick

Laurie Anderson - Difficult Listening Hour

Laurie Anderson - “Vivid Festival”, Sydney Australia Interviws
2010 (interview on ABC Radio National)

Follow this link for

Laurie Anderson’s clone - Synced Up Complete Version

Laurie Anderson and her clone (Part 1)

Laurie Anderson and her Creation (Part 2)

For older video footage, watch Mach 20 from her United States Live concert:

Laurie Anderson on Art and War

This is the Picture (Laurie Anderson & Peter Gabriel)

Is anybody home?

From her 2002 Happiness tour, she told amazing stories as she performed music and background noises to her solo performance. With only an occasional change in lighting, it was simple - but sinply phenomenal. a show was free (due to a generous donation) in Denver, and the Chicago show was miraculous.

If you did not get a chance to see this show, you can hear the performance (though it is difficult to hear voices in this recording). Hear the 62 minute long first part or the 46 minute long second part of the performance (both as mp3 files).

mp3 file
Happiness music, starting the show (2:11)
mp3 file
Happiness music, part 2 (1:57)
mp3 file
Happiness music, part 3 (:36)
mp3 file
Happiness music, ending the show (1:46)

Laurie Anderson was highlighted on Chicago Public Radio’s Sound Opinions May 2nd 2008,
and you can download the show podcast mp3 file here.

From her Homeland concert tour in 2008, watch video from Only an Expert:

Read an article about how Laurie Anderson was the first — and probably the last — Artist in Reesidence for NASA.

watch her interviewed in the Culture Show, where she briefly talks about her Artist in Residency with NASA and her show End of the Moon:

From the It’s Our Please To Serve You series of short films Laurie Anderson made, below are mp3 files of the audio recordings. These films were of Laurie Anderson talking in a diner about issues, such as...

Jerry Rigging (mp3 file link)
Or watch the YouTube video below:

Military Spending/Military Research (mp3 file link)
Or watch the YouTube video below:

National Anthem (mp3 file link)
Or watch the YouTube video below:

Nationla Debt (mp3 file link)
Or watch the YouTube video below:

Television/TV Lunch (mp3 file link)

Women and Money (mp3 file link)

...or from another movie clip of here, Welcome to the Green Room.

from Saturday Night Live in the mid 1980s, view The Day the Devil (before it appeared on any album) in any of these sizes:
video 160 x 120 (19 meg)
video 320 x 240 (52.5 meg)
video 640 x 480 (162 meg)

...or get an mp3 file of mp3 file The Day The Devil (2:57)

Or BabyDoll video 160 x 120 (39.6 meg) as a downloadable link

note: please don’t kick our ass. We know that these are not Laurie-Anderson-Certified files. Honestly, if you’re someone important and want to sue us for having these rare video files, please, just let us know instead that you don’t like them and we’ll be the nice nice goody-two-shoes types and close this page. We just wanted to let people have choices in seeing cool stuff from Laurie Anderson, is that so wrong? ... Maybe you think it is, just know that we’re good-natured people trying to help people out here and we can do whatever you say... I swear.

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