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the Kuypers Edition of Blister and Burn.

the Kuypers Edition: Blister and Burn
Kuypers writing & art, 2007

This new book is material from the 1997 collection book Blister and Burn from Scars Publications. It contains Kuypers’ writing and artwork from that original collection book, plus additional writings from that same time period to accentuate the original writings. In addition to new pieces of artwork, poetry and prose, there are also a select few new short poems in this collection book as well. This 192 page collection can be yours for Internet sale (as a PDF file), as a paperback book, or even as a hardcover book (the first book release from Kuypers available as a hardcover book!).

the Kuypers Edition of Blister and Burn

PDF download: $4.97

paperback book: $12.95

hardcover book: $26.95