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fast food makes finger food

Wendy’s has been trying to get
into the front of the
fast food market,
but we don’t think that finger food
was the way to do it.
The Associated Press reported
on March 24th, 2005
that a woman at Wendy’s in San Jose
ordered chili, but the woman bit
into a portion of a human finger
on that fateful March 23rd evening.

Santa Clara County Health Officer
Dr. Martin Fenstersheib said
at a news conference that she
“did bite down on it and wasn’t sure
exactly what it was,” though she later was
“was a bit grossed out, and
vomited a number of times.”

Officials said the 1 3/8-inches long finger
was cooked, so no bacteria was able
to get to the consumer.

Though they believed the finger
belonged to a woman
because of the long manicured nail,
they did check the hands
all of the employees working
at Wendy’s that night, to show
they all had ten fingers.

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Chicago Poet Janet Kuypers. No material
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