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“Negative Space” front cover

You’ve finally found
Negative Space...

    Enjoy the 2017 poetry & flash fiction (and don’t forget the artwork) anthology from Scars Publications, titled Negative Space of select poetry and flash fictionin this one-of-a-kind 2017 annual anthology collection book, which contains select accepted writings chosen from 2017 issues of both cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine...

Negative Space
the Scars Publications 2017 poetry
& flash fiction collection anthology

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    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below... If your writing or artwork appears in this collection book (or if you know someone with material in this book, or if you just want to pick up a great book to read), order a copy of Negative Space today!


below is a listing of the accepted writers and titles
(of writing or artwork) in this collection.

all artwork printed inside the book is in grayscale.


(plus artwork)

Linda M. Crate it’s good to be king
Christopher Hivner Making a Point in 2017
Peter LaBerge Acoustic  photography
CEE Something Definite About This Article (“and”)
Patrick Fealey nodding on the bus
R. N. Taber Lost in Translation, or Poetry,
     Making Sense of Human Identity
Charles Hayes Town Hall
David J. Thompson Missouri Door  photography
Erica Ann Welch In and Among Statues
Michael Lee Johnson I Edit my Life
Michael Ceraolo Cleveland Haiku #103
Kenneth DiMaggio Ode to a Once Grand Café (Cigar Mike’s)
Marc Livanos a/k/a Panhandle Poet Imagine One People
John Sweet pray tell
Carl “Papa” Palmer incomprehensible
Rose E. Grier For What Ails You  photography
Richard King Perkins II No Reason to Leave Elburn
Dan Fitzgerald Abandoned Church
David J. Thompson Dominican Christian Church  photography
John Sweet mobius poem
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci 07.06.2010 1GH  art
Oz Hardwick Words sprout wings
Thom Woodruff black hole down
NASA/CXC/M.Weiss Black Hole artist’s rendition
John Lowther [It was some kind of human noise...]
Brian Looney I’m Doin’ Alright
Erren Kelly Coffeehouse Poem # 172
the HA!Man of South Africa “baarmoeder” (uterus)  spontaneous painting
I.B. Rad An Essay on Epigenetics
Stefan Benz you is a problem
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci 1059 UZEYIR CAYCI AS4VP  art
Alicia Berdeguez Scenes from a Traveler
Wes Heine 11169873  photography
Nicole Surginer Enamored
John Yotko Orion  photography
Richard Schnap Home Away From Home
David Michael Jackson Bluest  art
Donal Mahoney Ringing in the Ears
Drew Marshall Unplug
Judith Ann Levison Red Mittens
Xanadu Silver Dust
Rice Terraces (Harvest)  art
Holly Day The Survivors
Janet Kuypers Earth was Crying
Ken Allan Dronsfield Empty Silence
Wes Heine 10985447  photography
Jeffrey Zable No Longer Caring
Aaron Wilder Amends Two  art
John D Robinson Acting Lessons
Brent C. Green When the Woman You Love Goes Off to War
Zac Harris My Blood Remains
Marlon Jackson Difficulties
From the sky
Jason Galt Probably an asylum of some sort
James Croal Jackson Katalina’s
Sarah Henry Road Hum
Robert Beveridge Separate
Ben Rasnic 40th High School Class Reunion
Emiliano Vasquez Haiku (keyhole)
Marc Carver Crazy Crazy
Shame Shame Shame
Scott Hicks My Time Between Face and Mask
Tim O’Keefe “No Day Like It...Not Yet”
Susan Kahil Good deeed indeed
John Grey Waiting Room Mathematics
Natalie Crick Remember Her
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (away)
Kimberly Thomas I Think I Love
Amanda Pugh This Fire Burns
Chinenye Aniekwe the Visit of the Ghost
Rene Diedrich Negative Space (poem & art)
David Francis Restored Sight
Adrian Villarreal Systematic destruction of cloudy days 8/9/16 1:41am
Sean Tierney The Wanderer
Kalah McLaughlin Cliff’s Edge
Heikki Huotari Gorilla My Dreams
Stopping Time
John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller Fallen Dreams Litter the Ground
Janet Kuypers Your Imaginary Soul Weighs 21 Grams
Ultimate Connectivity: a bird in the hand
David J. Thompson Lazarus
This Much  photography
Üzeyir Lokman Çayci Friend, you’re not the guilty one
Greg G. Zaino The Rail
David Russell Tortured Soul 1  drawing
Michael D. Jones The inmates are naked and howling
Marlo Swagemeier F*** U
Victoria Kuykendall The Artist: Future ramblings of an outsider (edit)
Natasha Hooper This Just In
David Russell BW Oils  art
Richard White This is Pain
Eric Obame U.F.H
Christine Jackson Coffee Mug
Carl “Papa” Palmer forgotten magic words
David Lohrey Paradise Is Demanding
ayaz daryl nielsen caution
David Sapp Leaf Blower
Greg Moglia The Boarder
Marsha Foss Vacationland
Tameka Jarmon For Us
Rebecca Cowgill Blossoms
S. R. Mearns Two O Clock Stars
Cassondra Windwalker Little Sister
Bill Chuang Deep into the Woods
Casey Powers Last Wishes for My Disposal
Heath Brougher Personification of the Dog
Robert Beveridge Night Play
Stephen Daniels 24 hours is a long time
Karon Johnson He Sleeps
Kalah McLaughlin Unemployment
Greg G. Zaino A Way Out
Peter LaBerge 0257  photography
Janet Kuypers Just By Holding His Hand
     (extreme 2016 sestina variation)
Only an Observer

Flash Fiction
(interspersed with artwork; haiku and short poems in italics)

Brian Looney Anonymous Gentleman
Preeti Singh Ominous
Lauren Tankeh An Unlit Cigarette
Janet Kuypers Driving By His House
Todd McMurray Post-Split
Renuka Raghavan A Fool’s Dream
Of All the Things Forgotten
Mikala Bice The Blind Date
Amy Soscia What Remains
Hong Nguyen-Sears Epidemic
Joseph Giordano De Beaux Cheveux
Cody Fletcher Fireworks
Heather Sheridan Chasing an Old Friend
Sana Khan Well Played
Tom Ball Balls
Natasha Hooper In Which the Protagonist Loses the Fight,
    But Manages to Save Her Two Daughters
    in the Process- A Series of Questions for My Mother
Gary Greene Recycle Day
J. Ray Paradiso Freelanced  art
Marc McMahon We Can Do This
Janet Kuypers addiction
Debbie L. Miller Land of Opportunity
Bill Wolak Once the Wind Became Light  art
Christiana Swain The Tolerance of Her
Miguel Gardel A Girl Named Beryl
Trey Hines The Job of a Lifetime
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1460521  art
Perri Bryan A Night Gone Wrong
Fabrice Poussin Wanting to Escape  art
Kalen Rice Deployment
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Another War  art
Perri Bryan Poisoned Love
Tony Ransom The Secret Within
Fabrice Poussin Alone  art
Alexander Smith Norb
Julia Bravo Jack and Jill
Janet Kuypers Opposite
Patricia Ljutic The Basement
Duff Allen Il Postino
Keren Green Alone
Wayne Franklin The Drop Off
Kraig Gander The Dilemma
Bijit Sinha Palaver
Garin Turner The Mysterious Box
Alexander Smith A comfortable kind of nothing.
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Running After Nothing  art
Kennisha Wright Take Me Away
Janet Kuypers out there
Jan Marquart Truth
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1470596  art
Tiana Edwards Relationship Troubles
Elijah Deus Falling Grace
E. Martin Pedersen Dumbass World
Tyler Wolfe Sunday School
Kyle Hemmings City of God  art
Janet Kuypers behind
Brian Schulz Wishes
Grace Michel What Truly Matters
Janet Kuypers oceans
Amber Shoemake-Doughty Hitchhiked
Gabriel Valdez Delivery Man
Brian Looney Transference  art
Cole Huerter The First Visit
Janet Kuypers can’t get you
C. D. Wight Uncustomary
Janet Kuypers Translation (2014 haiku)
Brandon J. Vasquez Talking Strings
Barton Hill Star Kissed
Jesse Townsend Georgia tea
Janet Kuypers coincidence?
Andrea Lopez The Last Time
Kyle Hemmings Blue Room  art
Tiago Viana The End Table
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz a Clue or Two  art
Zachary Jarrett Insomnia
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Taken at the Blue Peter studio  art
Skylarose Butler Neverland
Joseph Sheldon Butterfinger or Not to Butterfinger?
Brandon Knight Gangs of Men’s Homes
Christina Basher A Hitchhikers Story
Casey Cromwell Chronically Ill, Chronically Insecure?:
    The Tie between Battling Chronic Illness
    and Battling a Bad Body Image
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Accident Not Waiting to Happen  art
Nancy Christie Memories of a Sunday Afternoon
Janet Kuypers clogged
Eric Doubek Still Around
Kyle Hemmings Doggy  art
Thomas Massari Dendrology
Janet Kuypers He’s An Escapist
Brandy Combs Before She Knew It
Bill Wolak The Way Light Opens Your Body  art
Raymond Manuel Aguirre Confession
Fabrice Poussin Indiana  art
Jon Brunette Bay of Pigs
James Raisanen Social Experiments, Or How I Prove
    Nice Guys Are Assholes
Benjamin Uhlich The second bed
Gregg Dotoli Untitled (fog)
Charvae Johnson Consent
Greg Mahr Honoring the Dead
Janet Kuypers ends
C.L. Coffman The Epicenter of Sin
Jeremy DaCruz The Econlockhatchee River
Todd McMurray Red Clover
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Just a Curve 2  art
Patricia Hardesty The Vision
Cynthia A. DiTaranto Escape
Fabrice Poussin Striving  art
Taryn Bell The Hunt
David Sowards  cartoon
Kayla Rutherford-Bohach The Horned Black Cat
Juan Zapata International Half-Breed
Andy Schenck Waterlogged
Janet Kuypers timing
Allan Onik The Glistening (12/17+ book printings)
The Most Interesting World in the Man (12/17+ book printings)
Harmony Campbell The Art Collector
Lindsay Flanagan Do Not Carry Me Home
Janet Kuypers organs
Mary Kaye Valdez How Much?
Kassandra Heit Do I Have It Wrong?
J. Ray Paradiso Left Foot Forward  photography
Leandro Pereda Pereda The Man That Comes Around
Randall K. Rogers The Closet
Janet Kuypers exterior
Hector Ramos Recon
Fabrice Poussin Unfinished  photography
Stephon Sherrod Theft, Hope, and A Coffee Stain
Eric Wade Prompt two
S. J. Lebow Is It Safe To Come Inside?
Janet Kuypers essence
Kayla Scutti What Would You Do?
Kyle Hemmings Holy  photography
Andrew Yusi The Hardest Decision
Shelby Leet Proper Hygiene
McCormick Anderson Karma’s A Witch
Stuart O’Rourke A Love for Death
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Rose Colored Glasses  art
Lisa Gray Rich Bitch
Tom O’Brien The Queen
Janet Kuypers ghosts
Jennifer Libertini Moving Day
Janet Kuypers Scars

Negative Space
the 2017 poetry, prose & artwork anthology

as a 6" x 9" paperback ISBN# book

“Negative Space” front cover