the Light
in the Sky

    Enjoy the 2017 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the September-December 2017 magazine issue writings and select artwork... So now is your chance to get a slice of Down in the Dirt life in 2017 with this one-time-only collection book, and pick up a copy today of “the Light in the Sky”!

    The author names in this listing appear as they are listed in magazine issue/books. For writings that appear in issues, the titles of their writing do not appear on this web page, but all of the names are linked to the individual issue/book that actually contains the material.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book as they are listed in magazine issue/books.


the Light in the Sky front cover

the Light
in the Sky

the Down in the Dirt September-December
2017 issue collection book

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(All images printed inside this book
are printed in black and white;
Internet links are color images.)

Janet, Poetry Aloud Thanks to Thom Woodruff for photographing Janet Kuypers showing the proof copy of Down in the Dirt magazine’s 9-12 2017 issue collection book anthology “the Light in the Sky” (with the “wedding ring” total eclipse of the sun 8/21/17 photo on the cover) 12/9/17 during the “Poetry Aloud” open mic at the Georgetown Public Library to a live audience.

Janet, Half Price Books Thanks to Thom Woodruff for photographing Janet Kuypers reading from the proof copy of Down in the Dirt magazine’s 9-12 2017 issue collection book anthology “the Light in the Sky” that was just released (that has the “wedding ringtotal eclipse of the sun 8/21/17 photo on the front cover) 1/3/18 during the “Community Poetry @ Half Price Books” Austin feature reading.

below is a listing of the accepted writers
and artists in this collection.

(all art on inside pages of this book appears in black and white.)

part one:Carpool
the September 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v149

Lisa Gray Rich Bitch
Preeti Singh Ominous
Tim O’Keefe “No Day Like It...Not Yet”
Richard E. Gagnon Smooth
Bag of Bones
Mary Kaye Valdez How Much?
Kassandra Heit Do I Have It Wrong?
J. Ray Paradiso Left Foot Forward photography
Leandro Pereda Pereda The Man That Comes Around
Randall K. Rogers The Closet
Janet Kuypers exterior
John Grey Waiting Room Mathematics
Your New World
Susan Kahil Good deeed indeed
John D Robinson Supervision
On Meeting an Underground Poet
Pot Dealing Bird-Man
Kari Livingston Land of the Free
Clarence Chapin Shane
Janet Kuypers soul
Marlon Jackson Internal Beauty
Betty J. Sayles The School
Patrick Duzan The Box Whisperer
Hector Ramos Recon
Fabrice Poussin Unfinished photography
Tom Minder Out West
Janet Kuypers earth
Brett Petersen The Light in the Sky
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz In The Soft Light 2 art
Alan Swyer Old Times
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1450167 art
Karon Johnson He Sleeps
Marcia Eppich-Harris Carpool
Adel Aaron Mimosa
Janet Kuypers lost
Amber Shoemake-Doughty Blacks and Blues
Allan Onik Pooldead
Janet Kuypers jumped
Stephon Sherrod Theft, Hope, and A Coffee Stain
Eric Wade Prompt two
S. J. Lebow Is It Safe To Come Inside?
Janet Kuypers essence
Natalie Crick Remember Her
Patricia Walkow It Sounded Like a Good Idea
Janet Kuypers Exempt from the Draft
You Know What I’m Talking About (2016 grateful edition)
Just By Holding His Hand (extreme 2016 sestina variation)
Only an Observer


part two:a Finch in the Window
the October 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v150

Amber Shoemake-Doughty Red
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Big Red Copy art
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (away)
Liz Betz A Finch at the Window
Jennifer Libertini Moving Day
Lisa Gray Bee Happy Honey
John Yotko bee photography
Janet Kuypers upside-down
Norm Hudson A Temporary Life
J. Ray Paradiso Airborne photography
Lee Conrad Strange Cargo
Kevin Sterne Carrots
Janet Kuypers enjoy
Edward Daniel Hunt Lines Not Crossed
Allan Onik The Lift
The Glistening
The Most Interesting World in the Man
Emma Hines Euthanize
Kimberly Thomas I Think I Love
Shahyeim Oliveira The Long Road
Emiliano Vasquez Haiku (keyhole)
Anita G. Gorman The Ministry of Games
Reggie Mills Parable
Denny E. Marshall Cracked Not Broken art
Marc McMahon The Girl Who Chased After Love
Fabrice Poussin The Storm art
Kayla Scutti What Would You Do?
Kyle Hemmings Holy photography
Christiana Swain The Tolerance of Her
Andrew Yusi The Hardest Decision
Shelby Leet Proper Hygiene
Sandeep Kumar Mishra I Painted an Ocean
Shashi Ishai Bludgeoning the Halvah
in a Candy Store on Atlantic Avenue
Janet Kuypers imprisoned / ignorance
Cynthia Haggard The Married Man
Janet Kuypers origin, from the macro to the micro
violence and peace both work
elusive imaginary creature
performance art poems from the 10/1/16 Austin show
Masquerading in Costumes and Personas
Janet Kuypers Masquerade
This Halloween
This Halloween Again


part three:Monsters
the November 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v151

Norm Hudson Tea First
Amanda Pugh This Fire Burns
Chinenye Aniekwe the Visit of the Ghost
Rene Diedrich Negative Space (poem & art)
Suicide Pact (poem & art)
Ben Rasnic At Sixteen in Nineteen-Seventy
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (hint)
Haiku (stir)
Lavren Le’Clore Thundersnow
Allan Onik Checkmate
Zero Hour
Abraham Myers Goodbye
Fabrice Poussin Rule of the Sky photography
Matt Rydeen Monsters
Sayuri Yamada Good Sucides
Janet Kuypers knife
Stuart O’Rourke A Love for Death
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Rose Colored Glasses art
Tom O’Brien The Queen
Janet Kuypers ghosts
Lotte Roy Galaxy
Drew Marshall The Squirrel and the Rabbit
The Night I met Groucho on Acid
David Francis A Villainess
Restored Sight
Adrian Villarreal Systematic destruction of cloudy days 8/9/16 1:41am
8/8/15 4:46am
Marc McMahon The Other Side of Darkness
Janet Kuypers easy
McCormick Anderson Karma’s A Witch
Mariya Taher American Daughters
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Getty 044 photography
Kalah McLaughlin Unemployment
Cliff’s Edge
Robert David Roe As Passengers
Kyle Hemmings Dented photography
Tommy Vollman Boots
J. Ray Paradiso Trippen photography
Tom Ball Balls
Sean Tierney The Wanderer
Janet Kuypers Ernesto
Just Thinking About It
Political Merry-Go-Round
Verge on Meditation


part four:the Lighthouse
the December 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v152

Heikki Huotari Gorilla My Dreams
Stopping Time
John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller Fallen Dreams Litter the Ground
Allan Onik Java
David Francis Sole Revelation
Robert Bettelheim The Sky Diver
Janet Kuypers falling
Denny E. Marshall Haiku (stars)
Haiku (galaxy)
Tom Ball E-Station
Amanda Pugh On A Rainy Day
Natalie Crick Midwinter
Jim Farren Déjà Vu All Over Again
Janet Kuypers xeric
Drew Marshall December 8, 1980 Revisited
Wes Heine Malaizzze art
Peter Gannon Wanting Out
Janet Kuypers instead
David Ames The Lighthouse
Fabrice Poussin Infinite Dune art
Mitchell Waldman They Don’t Call It Crazy Anymore
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Crazy Crayons art
Gwenellen Tarbet Heart’s Ease
Olivier Schopfer Sunset photography
Janet Kuypers Earth was Alive and Dying


the Light in the Sky, Down in the Dirt September - December collection book - book front cover