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    We prefer all submissions to be emailed to us (we don’t want to make typos in re-typing your work, so just email it to us). If any of your submission has bolds or italics, or has any special characters (like “smart quotes” or “curly quotes” - which applies to both double-quotes and apostrophes, any long dashes, ellipses, anything that does not appear plainly on a keyboard), then, since those special characters may not come through in the body of an email, the best way to email submissions to us would be to email attachments of either “.rtf” files or Microsoft Word “.doc” files or “.docx”. Also, we will not consider “.pdf” files (you can send us the actual text), and do not send web links to your writing on another web page (we are not going to search the Internet for submissions, send us the writing you want us to read). If there are no special characters (or bolds or italics or indentations, though as a rule we prefer writing without special indentations) they could even be emailed in the body of an email letter to us.

For submitting artwork to us:
    We have a number of artist pages listed in the art section of Scars, and all artist who have a collection of artwork with us (for potential use in future issues of cc&d), after contacting us first about confirming the addition of their artwork to our collection, sent their artwork to the alternative email address with many artwork attachments.
    How big should the artwork be? The higher the resolution the better, since print issues require 300 dpi artwork for the press, and some artwork, if large enough, may also be used for a future cover for cc&d. So, if inquiring about submitting artwork to us, you can email the cc&d main email for more information (and before sendig artwork en masse to us).

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