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The First Death
of the New Millennium

Although this millennium did not technically start until 2001,
people reveled in the New Year’s celebration when it became 2000.
If people always try to remember the first baby born in a new year,
then this should make the record books: in Nevada, a 26-year-old
Todd became the first person to die celebrating the millennium.
Minutes before midnight, this Stanford graduate climbed to the top
of a street light in front of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas.
At midnight, he started to slip. In an effort to break his fall, Todd
grabbed the street light electric wires for support. He didn’t survive
the electrifying millennium festivities he was conduction, but
a camera caught his 1999 climb and year 2000 headfirst plunge
to the concrete below. Reports could not be obtained to find out
if he died from electrocution or from the 30-foot fall, but he made
the first noteworthy news story for the year 2000.

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the 2007 book Tick Tock, front cover