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As of 2017, find Janet Kuypers monthly features, on the first Wednesday of the month at Half Price Books (5555 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78751) at a podium with no microphone of straight-forward poem readings, and on the first Saturday of the month at the Bahá’í Faith Center (2215 E M Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723) of poetry “shows” with music and/or sound effects, visuals and an accompanying chapbook release.

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Chicago appearances

beach poetry August 20, 2017 (Sunday, 8/20/17 possibly in the morning?)
on the beach, in honor of Beach Poets in Chicago, Illinois
    Because Janet Kuypers is in town but not able to make it to the Sunday evening Beach Poets, Janet may head to the beach in the morning hours for an impromptu reading...


Weeds August 21, 2017 (Monday, 8/21/17 after 10:30 P.M.)
at Weeds (1555 N Dayton St, Chicago, IL 60642)
    Janet Kuypers doesn’t believe Weeds will have features, but IF she is in town that evening (because she will be driving back from watching the total solar eclipse along the epicenter of it’s North American path), this is a place she SO wants to visit.


Poetry AT The Gallery Cabaret event header August 22, 2017 (Tuesday, 8/22/17 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.)
at Poetry at the Gallery Cabaret (2020 N Oakley Ave, Chicago, IL 60647)
    Because Janet Kuypers is in town that week, then she will be guest hosting and featuring at this poetry open mic (the one she handed to now host Dave Gecic because of her move to Austin TX).

In One Ear August 23, 2017 (Wednesday, 8/23/17 10:00 P.M.)
at In One Ear (at the Heartland Café, 7000 N. Glenwood, Chicago, IL 60626)
    The sign up for open mic readers starts at 9 PM, but the open mic starts at 10:00 PM, and Janet Kuypers was offered a 20-30 minute feature space here on the one week she would hopefully be back in town.


beach poetry August 26, 2017 (Saturday, 8/26/17 any time before 3:00 P.M.?)
at (impromptu) Beach Poets (Loyola Beach, 1230 W Greenleaf Ave and the Lake, Chicago, Illinois)
    Because Janet Kuypers is not scheduled to be in town for a Sunday Beach Poets, Cathleen Schandelmeier-Bartels was originally scheduled to join Janet on the beach for an impromptu reading before the afternoon radio show. Because there is a good chance she cannot make it, Janet will head to the beach at any time on Saturday and do some guerrilla poetry readings on her own...

WZRD Radio August 26, 2017 (Saturday, 8/26/17 3:00 - 6:00 P.M.)
at WZRD Radio (88.3FM on your Chicago IL radio dial, on the Tune In App, or clicking the Live Stream button at
    Janet Kuypers is thrilled to be a part of Chicago radio again! With tons of new (and more up-beat) poems, Chicago can hear some of the things brewing from Kuypers’ Austin Texas mothly features!


future Austin appearances

September 2, 2017 (Saturday, 9/2/17 after 6:00 P.M.)
at the Bahá’í Faith Center (2215 E M Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723)
Janet     In a multi-feature evening, Janet Kuypers will have a feature here where the theme is SEPTEMBER SONGS -song lyrics as poetry!. Last year, Janet Kuypers did a music feature titled “How Music is Poetic”so she will make sure in this feature that she uses new songs and new poems for an all new show...

September 6, 2017 (Wednesday, 9/6/17 from 1:00-3:00 P.M.)
at the Half Price Books (5555 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78751)
Janet     In an afternoon with a few featured readers at Half Price Books on Lamar in Austin Texas, Janet Kuypers will read her poetry from the September 1, 2017 Scars Publications book releases from the cc&d v275 perfect-bound paperback book “a Pick for the Future” and the Down in the Dirt v149 perfect-bound paperback book “Carpool”. Both of these new Scars Publications books be available for sale not at Half Price Books, but (A) directly online through the printers and (B) through amazon throughout the United States, the U.K. and all of Europe.
    This is also the monthly book reading where she will share readings from Scars Publications May-August issue collection book releases (that were released in August 2017), like the the cc&d 400+ page perfect-bound paperback issue collection book “Nothing Lasts” and the Down in the Dirt 400+ page perfect-bound paperback issue collection book “Random Thoughts”.

September 16, 2017 (Saturday, 9/76/17 from 3:00-6:00 P.M.)
at Circle Brewing Company (2340 W Braker Ln, Ste B, Austin, TX 78758)
    Janet Kuypers will be one of the featured authors/publishers signing and selling books for Authors Day at Circle Brewing Company. Janet will have books of her own as well as books from other people and collection books, all at a discounted price — and with every book purchased, attendees will also get a coupon for a free beer at Circle Brewing Company! If people want books signed, Janet is happy to do it, and would even read her poetry from the books upon requests...

    Check out Janet Kuypers’ performances at the Café Gallery    
   for past recordings to see Kuypers reading poetry & prose   
at open mics and in poetry shows from 9/03 through 8/15.

Also go to the Scars at Artvilla page for a massive (and always growing) video listing of Kuypers.

Janet Kuypers video, at Scars with Artvilla

Kuypers performing the work of others...
see Kuypers videos of her reading poems from the magazines
she edits, as well as additional additional readings
(from most recent events to oldest recordings) at the

Kuypers reading the works of others page.

Miscellaneous performances...

Janet dancing     On Sunday, August 13th 2017 (8/13/17), at the beginning of Kick Butt Poetry, Thom (with improvisational poetry) was accompanied by people joining him on stage. Kuypers joined them on stage for a humorous haiku challenge, where she said the lines from the theme song for the show “Different Strokes”.

Kuypers with Thom
Kuypers with Thom
    On Sunday, August 14th 2016 (8/14/16), at the beginning of Kick Butt Poetry, Thom, with improvisational poetry accompanied by people joining him on stage. Kuypers and others join him (Kuypers danced for a few minutes of this performance.

Janet dancing     On Sunday, July 31th 2016 (7/31/16), at the beginning of Kick Butt Poetry, Thom, with improvisational poetry accompanied by people joining him on stage. Kuypers was there to share that Tom had an Expressions Peace show that Saturday (and she has a feature in that show).

Kuypers with Thom
Kuypers with Thom
    On Sunday, July 17th 2016 (7/17/16), at the beginning of Kick Butt Poetry, Thom, with improvisational poetry accompanied on acoustic guitar from Magic Jack, asked people to join him on stage. Kuypers and others joined him - Kuypers danced and talked for a bit, and John filmed a few minutes of this performance.

Janet dancing     On Sunday, July 10th 2016 (7/10/16), at the beginning of Kick Butt Poetry, Thom, with improvisational poetry accompanied on acoustic guitar from Magic Jack, asked people to join him on stage. Kuypers) and others join him - Kuypers led a few group dance moves, and John filmed a few minutes of this performance.

Kuypers reading James Ulysses restaurant scene
Kuypers reading James Joyce Ulysses flower scene
    On Tuesday, June 16th 2015 (6/16/16, or 20150616), Janet Kuypers read portions from “Ulysses” by James Joyce in Bloomsday in Chicago, including a flower shop scene (left) and a restaurant scene (right).

Janet Kuypers post on Vine     On Sunday, December 7th 2014 (12/7/14), after 3:00 p.m., Janet Kuypers HAD to stop by the Journey Church in Kenosha WI to create a Vine video (a 6 second long video that repeats itself on line) of her singing a Journey tune in front of the church sign.

    On Saturday, February 5th 2011 (2/5/11), starting at 10:00pm), Kuypers attended the Cousin Bones show at Gallery Cabaret (2020 N. Oakley Chicago IL), who had a show with musician Mike Sviokla. Because Cousin Bones was performing live music for Kuypers’ March 5th show in Lake Villa (in the “Visual Nonsense” show letting it all out), Cousin Bones asked Kuypers to start their show with her reading “Death Takes Many Forms”, while Mike Sviokla performed impromptu blues guitar music (and his music sounded great). It is a shame all recorders were in use at Gallery Cabaret that evening, or we would have video from this live impromptu performance to share with you. But the poem “Death Takes Many Forms” is be one of the pieces performed in the 3/5/11 show letting it all out show, so you can check it out there...

CAN TV video stills     On Sunday, January 30th 2011 (01/30/11), from 1 to 3:00 p.m., Kuypers danced at the recording of a Tuesday February 22nd and Wednesday February 23rd episode pof CAN TV’s “Chic-a-Go-Go” for a number of music performers (including Sid Yiddish)...
    If you missed that that live taping of many musicians for the TV show, see Kuypers dancing in the backgrounds during Youtube video of Treehouse Flavors on Chic-A-Go-Go, Youtube video of Sid Yiddish on Chic-A-Go-Go, Youtube video of Percolator on Chic-A-Go-Go, or even Youtube video of Super 8-Bit Brothers on Chic-A-Go-Go...
    If you do not live in Chicago to see the show live (on cable channel 19), check out youtube for video links to all parts of this show. (In the Bay Area you can watch Chic-a-Go-Go on a different schedule than the Chicago schedule, thanks to 9th Floor Radio every Saturday from 11pm-1am on cable station 27 [Berkeley] and 28 [Oakland]. And you can even watch online through
    Kuypers upload a Sid Yiddish raw video shoot from the show to her facebook page, but most videos were dance footage and were used during the intro for backgrond video footage in her 3/5/11 Visual Nonsense show “letting it all out”.

Kuypers reading Andrew Hettinger at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Champaign     On Friday, May 27th 2011 (5/27/11), although this is her original writing, it is not at a reading or show event... Kuypers wrote the poem Andrew Hettinger years ago, and wrote in the poem that should would like to find the gravesite... A friend of his brother found the poem a year ago and contacted Kuypers, and when Kuypers was able to get to the town (May 27th 2011) they met up and went to Andrew Hettinger’s gravesite at St. Mary’s Cemetery. The friend even asked to listen to her reading the poem, so there is now YouTube video of her literally reading the poem Andrew Hettinger to him at his gravesite.

Don’t Cry For Me     On Monday, January 10th 2011 (01/10/11), Kuypers was in the video Don’t Cry No Tears from Universal Slim and the Blues Kangaroos (video produced by Fallen Son Entertainment, which was released on youtube Monday, January 10th 2011, 01/10/11), with Janet Kuypers acting in the female role in this music video (filming for this video was finalized Sunday, October 24th 2010 in Elgin, Illinois).

Let’s Have Some Fun     On Saturday, October 23rd 2010 (10/23/10), afternoon, the day before filming for the video Don’t Cry No Tears was finished, Kuypers sat in for a live performance from the band “Universal Slim and the Blues Kangaroos” of the song “Let’s Have Some Fun” — for filming for their live video performance. Check out release number one from their latest album in this video on youtube!.

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