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below is a listing of the writings in this books
(listed in order in this book) in this collection.

Cast in Stone

the Cycle of Life

From Words to Wars

Money Became an Abstract

Where Does the Love Go


Jet Puffed

like cheesecake

Bitter Suburbs

found poem from a New Jersey mom

Quenching Anybody’s Thirst


My New Grocery List

Marine Rifle Poem

dead grass fires


(and you could hold me)

Goth Girl Photographer

even if the pope claims it

Flying to China

Suicide (heat) Poem

Excuses to Ignore me

Jaw Gets Sore

Guantanamo Bay

Opening Our Own Doors


no Heat in my Heart

Melted Marshmallows

Exposed Ankles

Just Saw a Circa


Tumbling Diaper Seeks Fresh Baby


eight people outside


Live in my Imagination

Finding Faith in a Grocery Store

oxygen bars

15 Gun-Toting Tweets:
    “stray bullet”
    “God’s children”
    “murderous leads”
    “quicken your pace”
    “safety net”
    “get the wrong idea”
    “the threat to society”
    “kill each other at night”
    “pulling cards from a deck”
    “stack the deck against us”
    “or killers”
    “remind me again”
    “here in America”
    “labeled a radical”
    “can I keep my rights”

Just Let It Glide Over Me

Tired of Trying


Fake Face


Know what I know

Pistol Case

Ever Consumed Goat

Pork Skins

Inches Above the Ground

prefer things soft

witnessing hitler’s reign

Build Your Own Cross


How He Failed

labeled me again

Painted Buddhas

Drinking Their Life Away

Evicted Today

Out of my Element

Swallowing Sand & Pebbles

Became a Jungle

Spit Me Out

You Cannot Burn Me

Fingers Black

on a bike

pock-marked mole holls

On Ashes

At the Camp

Teaching Our Children

egg for a week

On a Downtown Chicago Light Pole

Dentist in Iraq

mechanical soldiers

Zach Makes Me Think About These Things

be free of you

Keep me Sane

Obama on the Subway

Our Lady of Humility’s Hypocrisy

for better or for worse

Vengeful Phone

Hunt the Game

Oklahoma Water Surfing

You Can’t Tell

Ugly Babies Need the Most Love

Poverty in America

Bar Poem 20100423

Somewhere Else


Koala Porn

found poem

Surviving the Apocalypse


Menu Poem


the greatest spectacle in racing

Mother’s Day 2012

Fit Together Like That

Lost my Breath

Foreign Farmer

explaining what condoms are for


On This Ride

Ever Expanding Spaces

eternal struggle

carrying me through

shoe prints on the toilet seat

Keep Driving

until the next truck comes

Our Lady of Mercy

filed under fiction

on Witnessing the Icy Graveyard


as a 6" x 9" paperback
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