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part 1: let me see you stripped

I started writing this poem when

Worn Out

Outsourcing the American Dream

Get Me Out of this Cage

Your Minions are Dying

We Listened

What the Hell is She Complaining About

What I Would Ask

Over and Over Again

Flooded War Memories

Why I Didn’t See God

Now You’re Nothing to Me

guzzling drug cocktails with champagne

Waiting for a Sign

Let Me Be

All I Can Capture

Don’t Go To Denny’s

Like I Was Never There

hurt less then


Counting Bodies

Left with a Hole


Elephants Carry the World

Scratch the Surface

My First Time

Trying to Change Fate

Before I can Put a Smile on My Face Again

It’s Someone’s Job

The Writing Of My Life

Remembering Death

holding hands

Upstage Everyone Else

On a High Horse Like This

Escaping Every Cage

You Carried It

part 2: say nothing

Tight Rope Affair (song)

The Little Differences

Communication ‘05

Fitting the Mold

Macintosh Court

On My Own: Successful Woman

Generic Images of Love

Hatred when Love should be Good

Generic Stereotypes About Love

Military Intelligence

film the cheerleaders

Key To Survival

Physical Reactions to Emotional Traumas

Seven and Seven, plus Eighteen

Observations: Nine and Six

Eleven and Two, plus Eight

Marry Me... Whatever You Are

a Great American

September 11, 2001

Warring Nations

Loving Four

Before Taking Over the Controls

Freedom just past the Fence

three minutes for three dollars

out of the space program

Look at the Downs

Update 2011 on the Man who Loved me

Universe... Now In Color

Beauty in the Eyes of Einstein

Love Affair With The Moon 2012

No Compunction

Gonna Break

Games We Play

part 3: give me the news

Anything for the Liquor Fix

Airbags — for Security and Defense

Bad Tricks with the Cue Stick

Big Hair and Fire Don’t Mix

Choose Your Fate: by Knife or by Car

Cigarette Butts are Lethal

Couch Potato

Doctors, Breast Implants and Huge Pectoral Muscles

fast food makes finger food

God Will Save Me

hand-grenades, chainsaws and fireworks (oh my)

Internet Chainsaw Relationship

I Wanna Be Like Jesus

John Stories

lava (lamp) at a rolling boil

low-end lipo

Octopi Target McDonalds

Running Toward Your Demise

organic sex toy

The Hands of a Handyman

the perils of lovemaking

the First Death of the New Millennium

The Power of the Devil

Too Many Guns

Terrorism Intelligence

the self-knifing?

the Good “Doctor”

grandmother charged with murder

Private Lives 2005

The Randomness of Everything

Get His Product to Town

Moros y Cristianos

End of an Empire

he makes me think about these things

Yeah, the Passion

On All Fours

The Quiet One


Couldn’t Reach It

Faith Comes Only

Hard as a Rock

you’ve already paid for this

no one will

Thinking. I hate that.

You’ve Killed Me

Broke the Reflection

Made Any Difference


Just Can’t Breathe

Before it Occurred to Me

Escape My Brain Somehow

Keeps Pounding Against Walls

Going Nowhere

Feel Comfortable

Under My Fingers

Only Occasionally

Basic Investment Question

Grinning from Ear to Ear

Just Making Face After Face

Eat Me Alive

More Believable That Way

Ten Minutes

How You Know When You’re the Wrong Height

Falling From the Sky


Venture to the Unknown

Don’t Forget to Write

Each Half is the Enemy

Eyes are Blurred to the Battlefield

Under Constant Supervision

One Summer Traveled

once i saw


You’ve left me on Siesta Beach

Knotted Hate

Kill the Vermin


part 4: when you dream tonight

Dreams 09/07/07

Dreams 08/24/08

Dreams 09/08/07

Dreams 12/22/08 the indescribable infant
    (is it a fish? is it an animal? is it human?)

dreams turned into nightmares

Dreams 12/3/12

Dreams 12/6/12

Out Of Place (Dreams 12/3/13)

Dreams 2/20/04 two, for Charlie Trotter 11/5/13

part 5: part of my pain

Keeping a Record of Going Too Far

phone as a purse that matches my shoes (dreams 9/24/05)

on their way

keep looking for death

observer’s love poem

Under your Total Control

Quiet for a While

Gouge Out Their Eyes

Hollow for so Long Already

Push Your Button

Know You Only Got Me

Ever Since You Got Me

Now That You Got Me

Part of my Pain

“That’s from the barbed wire.”

Just Out of Reach

Us Creative Types

In These Times

Canned Condolences

Etiquette for Tattooing Thigh “Bracelets”

Protect Ourselves from Ourselves

Missed the Clicks and Scratches

Uneven Ground Beneath my Feet

cocoon i’ve created

Ever Be

Y Chromosome Missing

One of the Carts

Been a World Leader

Enough’s Enough

Everything Else Falls Away

My Kind of Town

Communication 2012

poetry The View of the Alley

Wondering Why

Ten and Ten, Plus Two


Garret’s Lament

Etched into that Tombstone

Everyone Else

Glomming off the Wrestling World

Jack, Charles, Michael

Quitting is Always an Option

Momento Mori

Depth of Field

Only Searching

Looking for a Worthy Adversary (extreme sestina variation)


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