Study in Black

    Enjoy the 2017 magazine collection book from Scars Publications and Down in the Dirt magazine, with the January-April 2017 magazine issue writings and select artwork... So now is your chance to get a slice of Down in the Dirt life in 2017 with this one-time-only collection book, and pick up a copy today of “a Stormy Beginning”!

    The author names in this listing appear as they are listed in magazine issue/books. For writings that appear in issues, the titles of their writing do not appear on this web page, but all of the names are linked to the individual issue/book that actually contains the material.

    To know exactly what is included in this collection book, view the listing below. All author entries are listed in this collection book as they are listed in magazine issue/books.


Study in Black front cover

Study in Black
the Down in the Dirt January-April 2017
issue collection book

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below is a listing of the accepted writers
and artists in this collection.

(all art on inside pages of this book appears in black and white.)

part one:Ice King
the January 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v141

Liam Spencer The Hearing
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Supreme Court Decision 2 (art)
Richard Schnap Study in Black
Casey Powers Last Wishes for My Disposal
Ethan Danner Progress Report
Benjamin Morrison Heist
Marc Carver Balm
Jeremy Cook Plus We Saved a Thousand Dollars
Janet Kuypers eventually
Gabriel Valdez Delivery Man
Brian Looney Transference (art)
Cole Huerter The First Visit
Janet Kuypers can’t get you
C. D. Wight Uncustomary
Janet Kuypers Translation (2014 haiku)
Brandon J. Vasquez Talking Strings
Barton Hill Star Kissed
Jesse Townsend Georgia tea
Janet Kuypers coincidence?
Andrea Lopez The Last Time
Kyle Hemmings Blue Room (art)
Suchoon Mo Time To Go Home
Marlon Jackson My Reflection
Lisa Gray Rubbed Out
Janet Kuypers enemies
Aren Laure Lizardo Stardust
Fabrice Poussin Reflecting (art)
Vanessa Munder Ice King
Brandon Knight Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend
Clint Brewer Dahling
Jason Galt Mulling over life in a stripmall liquor store
Justin Hunter Army Men
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz a Clue or Two (art)
Ken Allan Dronsfield Ode to a Life I Forgot to Live
Heath Brougher The Hole Inside the Hole Inside the Hole
Personification of the Dog
Jonathan Pickering King of the Jungle
Janet Kuypers pleading
Nidhi Singh Baggage from Rustling Pines
Tiago Viana The End Table
Sanjeev Sethi *Mobile and Me
Zachary Jarrett Insomnia
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Taken at the Blue Peter studio (art)
Skylarose Butler Neverland
J Ash Gamble Complexion
Todd McMurray Post-Split
Janet Kuypers exhaling toxic fumes
One and Six
Just to be on the safe side
or my happiness, or my life

part two:Asteroid
the February 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v142

Richard Schnap Outside Looking In
Janet Kuypers life
Jason Galt Probably an asylum of some sort
This thing
Joseph Sheldon Butterfinger or Not to Butterfinger?
Brandon Knight Gangs of Men’s Homes
Marlon Jackson Difficulties
From the sky
Christina Basher A Hitchhikers Story
Casey Cromwell Chronically Ill, Chronically Insecure?:
The Tie between Battling Chronic Illness
and Battling a Bad Body Image
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Accident Not Waiting to Happen (art)
Eugene Soukharnikov What Is Your Nationality?
Eric Doubek Still Around
Kyle Hemmings Doggy (art)
Nancy Christie Memories of a Sunday Afternoon
Janet Kuypers clogged
Ken Williams I’m Only a Boy
Reed Redmond Formality
Allan Onik Homeroom
S.F. Wright More like You
David Russell Beach Clinch (art)
Thomas Massari Dendrology
Janet Kuypers He’s An Escapist
Elizabeth Sachs The Candidate
Gregg Dotoli Swift Summer Flight
Doug Hawley Asteroid
Brandy Combs Before She Knew It
Bill Wolak The Way Light Opens Your Body (art)
Raymond Manuel Aguirre Confession
Fabrice Poussin Indiana (art)
Jon Brunette Bay of Pigs
James Croal Jackson Aftermath
Sarah Henry Fortune Teller
Road Hum
Joan Brown Spitfire Red
Eleanor Leonne Bennett P1150664 (art)
Kiernan O’Connor Shepherd Boy
Raphael Bastek Table for Two
Janet Kuypers Excuses for Skipping Work
Jumping from the Mausoleum

part three:What Remains
the March 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v143

Gregory D. Brown Breaking News
Janet Kuypers Smelling Sulphur on 9/11
Marlon Jackson Freedom
Renuka Raghavan A Fool’s Dream
Of All the Things Forgotten
Mikala Bice The Blind Date
Amy Soscia What Remains
James Raisanen Social Experiments, Or How I Prove
      Nice Guys Are Assholes
Benjamin Uhlich The second bed
Gregg Dotoli Untitled (fog)
Charvae Johnson Consent
Janet Kuypers feel
Greg Mahr Honoring the Dead
Janet Kuypers ends
C.L. Coffman The Epicenter of Sin
Samuel T. Franklin The Old Railtrack
Jeremy DaCruz The Econlockhatchee River
Todd McMurray Red Clover
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Just a Curve 2 art
Patricia Hardesty The Vision
Katie M Little Crazy Apple Lady
Robert Beveridge Night Play
Cynthia A. DiTaranto Escape
Fabruce Poussin Striving art
James Wade Hunting Ghosts
Wes Heine FOT495D art
Stephen Daniels 24 hours is a long time
Hong Nguyen-Sears Epidemic
Lisa Gray Buried Treasure
Sabina Walser Eating Hamburgers
Bill Wolak Wherever Water Awakens art
Joseph Giordano De Beaux Cheveux
Cody Fletcher Fireworks
Anne Mangahas Naked Nights and Vinyl Records
Kitta MacPherson El Bado
Taryn Bell The Hunt
David Sowards cartoon
Kayla Rutherford-Bohach The Horned Black Cat
Jeremy Dewald Blind Date
Allan Onik The Outlaw
Richard Schnap Two Sides of the Same Coin
Ben Rasnic Rites of Passage
DC Diamondopolous Taps
Janet Kuypers blood
Heather Sheridan Chasing an Old Friend
Janet Kuypers Keep flying into Death

part four:Waterlogged
the April 2017 issue of Down in the Dirt, v144

Lisa Gray Three Times a Week
Ben Rasnic 40th High School Class Reunion
Joseph Kraus Pheochromocytoma
Janet Kuypers falling
Juan Zapata International Half-Breed
Andy Schenck Waterlogged
Janet Kuypers timing
Matt Ferra Four-Wheel Death
Eleanor Leonne Bennett Metalmeal 146 art
Allan Onik The Window
Trey Hines Unknown Journey
Janet Kuypers faith
Donal Mahoney Back Then and Write Now
Ryan Daff Gone Missing
Marc Carver Crazy Crazy
Shame Shame Shame
Stefan Benz a little time gone & a little time imagined
Scott Hicks A Butterfly’s Vulnerability
Dressed In Low Clouds
My Time Between Face and Mask
Joey Holland First Day Out
Fabrice Poussin Almost Sunset art
Shelly Sitzer Disappearing Statues
Jan Marquart Seed
Edward Michael O’Durr Supranowicz Hush Hush Little Darling 4 art
Jan Marquart A Memoir Begun
Marc McMahon Anger is not a feeling but a reason to hide
    whatever it is that hurts me inside!!
Sana Khan Well Played
Eve Dobbins The Weeping Wail
John D Robinson the Story of Jean Grenier
The Young Apprentice
Linda Blackwell Simmons The Woman on Sunday Morning
Janet Kuypers jobless
Betty J. Sayles Annie’s Present
Jeff Hill The Distraction
Kristyl Gravina Love
Carla M. Cherry Common
John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller Charles Bukowski Road Not Chosen
Peter McMillan The Concert
Janet Kuypers musical
Drew Marshall Through European Eyes
Raven J. Cole Ravens
Steven Pelcman Passchendaele
Harmony Campbell The Art Collector
Olivia Thompson My Life is Ending: Literally
Lindsay Flanagan Do Not Carry Me Home
Janet Kuypers organs
Over the Cracks (I Don’t Need You)
Queen ISIS (battling for peace)

Study in Black, Down in the Dirt January - April collection book - book front cover