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Scars Publications Visual and Aural Poetry

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Scars Publications brings sight and sound
directly to you through all of these links. Click
any of our choices for Scars Publications
visual and aural poetry.

Also go to the Scars at Artvilla page for a massive (and always growing) video listing of Kuypers, inlcuding the Chicago open mike at “the Café Gallery”.

Janet Kuypers video, at Scars with Artvilla

5D/5D with the CD “Tick Tock”Janet Kuypers and 5D/5D - Tick Tock: Let Time Fly With Janet Kuypers
...and the 2008 EP “Screeching to a Halt”

6/11 performanceJanet Kuypers - Six Eleven

After the Apocalypse 1/2/13
two mini-features of Periodic Table poems live at the Café Gallery in Chicago

Akitu 12/3/16
poetry feature of Solstice and celebration poetry at Austin’s the Bahá’í Faith Center
(read to live background music on an electric bass, on a bow)


Artistfirst radio with Kuypers

an Artist’s take on Science
live show at the Fine Arts Building (Michigan Ave. in Chicago) 12/13/13
(Periodic Table poetry with background music from the HA!man of South Africa)

Astronomy 101 Chicago poetry feature 7/19/11 at the Café

the Avalon branch of the Chicago Public Library 10/8/10
Cello with the HA!man of South Africa, and poetry

Janet Buck

Beach Poets feature 8/14/05

Beach Poets feature 8/5/07

Beach Poets feature 7/13/08

Beach Poets feature 8/31/08

Beach Poets feature 8/2/09

Beach Poets feature 7/22/12 of the “Periodic Table of Poetry” poems

Beatsville Cafe poetry show at DvA art Gallery 9/12/03

Beginning Anew 1/7/17
feature of new poems for the new year at Austin’s the Bahá’í Faith Center
of messages that reflected coping with upcoming changes in the future
(with accompanying acoustic guitar background music)

Beyond what we See poetry show at the Café Gallery 4/10/13

Birthday show 6/22/10 with poetry and music

the Lake County installment of the 2010 Poetry Bomb 4/18/10

the Chicago “L” train installment of the 2012 Poetry Bomb 4/29/12

the Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo installment of the 2013 Poetry Bomb 4/28/13

the Chicago Lincoln Square installment of the 2014 Poetry Bomb 4/27/14

Chicago ’s Wrigley Field installment of the
2015 Poetry Bomb: Bases Loaded 4/26/15

the Leander Texas Bagdad Cemetery installment of the 2016 Poetry Bomb 4/24/16

Book Expo 2013 Chicago
live readings at the Saloon Poetry Table in Chicago 11/24/13

Book Release & Book Reading
Book readings and details at Austin’s Half Price Books 3/1/17

The Café Gallery Chicago poetry open mike (At Gallery Cabaret)

Cana-Dixie to Chi-Town
C Ra McGuirt (from TN to Canada) visits Janet Kuypers (in IL) for poetry readings 12/15/09

The Cana-Dixie Union
C Ra McGuirt/Janet Kuypers poetry readings in Nashville, Tennessee 12/20/08 and 12/21/08

The Cana-Dixie Union in 2009
C Ra McGuirt/Janet Kuypers poetry readings in Nashville, Tennessee 5/9/09

Janine Canan

Celebrating with Song
7/12/11 poetry & acoustic Chicago mini-feature

Change Rearrange CD

Changing Gears CD & Live PerformanceJanet Kuypers - Changing Gears

Chaos in Motion 6 CD set Janet Kuypers - Chaos In Motion - Chaotic Radio

the Chaotic Collection 5 CD set Janet Kuypers - The Chaotic Collection #01-05

Chaotic Elements 2 CD set Janet Kuypers - Chaotic Elements

Chaotic Radio Week #01 CD

Chaotic Radio Week #02 CD

Chaotic Radio Week #03 CD

Chaotic Radio Week #04 CD

Chaotic Radio Week #05 CD

Chaotic Radio Week #15 CD

Chemistry, Poetry and a Brat
2/23/14 J. Kuypers Periodic Table poetry upon request in 4+ hours meeting
of poetry & food with poets & chemists at Kenosha Wisconsin’s “the Brat Stop”

Chicago Calling 2009
10/2/09 J. Kuypers poetry with music from musicians
around around the country... and around the planet

Chicago Calling 2011, 10/3/11
J. Kuypers poetry with music from the HA!man
of South Africa for Waiting 4 the Bus at Cafe Ballou

Chicago Calling at the Café, 10/4/11
J. Kuypers poetry with music from the HA!man of South Africa, Bastard Trio,
David Michael Jackson and Pointless Orchestra at the Café in Chicago,
with bonus video from John Yotko reading poetry

from Chicago to South Africa
2008 CD set release of Chicago poetry and current (2007-2012) updates
of live performances with music from the HA!Man of South Africa

cc&d Sound Files

Close Cover Before Striking 5/31/11 book readings #1 (~19 minutes)

Close Cover Before Striking 6/7/11 book readings #2 (21+ minutes)

Close Cover Before Striking 6/21/11 book readings #3 (~9 minutes)

Close Cover Before Striking 6/28/11 book readings #4 (~15 minutes

Close Cover Before Striking 7/5/11 book readings #5 (~14 minutes)
live at the Café in Chicago

art gallery poetry show 4/1/05

Contents Under Pressure Poetry/short prose feature 9/6/11

Contents Under Pressure poetry feature (set tp music) 10/11/11

Count Me In Periodic Table of Poetry Chicago mini-feature 11/17/12,
also available separately with embedded video on a different web page...

impromptu Chicago 10/20/09 short story reading in character

Creation Relation
poetry read in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois 5/10/09

Crossing Boundaries for International
(and Interplanetary) Peace

the final Periodic Table poetry feature, at ‘Cup & Spoon’ for Chicago Calling 10/9/14

the Cutting Room Floor
from the 10/7/09 Palos Park Public Library show

the Cycle of Life from the 9/12/03 Beatsville Cafe show

Dave and Andy

Death Comes In Threes
3/18/03 live performance art showJanet Kuypers - Death Comes In Threes

Death ‘n’ Rebirth
7/11/10 live poetry, prose, commentary & music show on the beach

Destruction Instructions
2/27/15 live performance art show at the Uptown Arts Center in Chicago

Disenfranchised Doggerel
7/31/09 live performance art show

the DMJ Art ConnectionJanet Kuypers and the DMJ Art Connection & Janet Kuypers - The DMJ Art Connection
With 7 CD releases, material in a 6 CD compilation set,
& brand new mp3 files!

Dreams performance art show 2/3/04Janet Kuypers - Dreams 02/03/04

the Elements of Astronomy live at Perla Café 8/25/12 in Evanston

the Entropy ProjectJanet Kuypers - The Entropy Project

Etc. 2 CD set of poetry book Janet Kuypers - Etc

Exalted Love
live Austin poetry show at the Bahá’í Faith Center 2/4/17

Exploring Spring
live Austin poetry show at the Bahá’í Faith Center 3/4/17

Farewell Chicago
live Chicago poetry show at Poetry’s “Love Letter” 8/14/15

the Final Jump
live Chicago performance art show at Mercury Cafe 8/9/08

Finally, Literature for the Snotty and Elite
mini-feature and Scars Publications readings at the Café Gallery in Chicago

A Night of Firsts live perofrmance art show, 6/22/04

A Foot Fantasia (10/16/07 and 10/17/07)

a Fortune Featurette (Mercury Cafe 6/20/08)

poetry mixed with Madison, WI based experimental jazz music

Gabriel 8/16/11
short story poetry reading, live at the Café

the 2009 Poetry Game Show 4/14/09
live performance art show, at the Café

Games we Play 3/17/12
live performance art show, at Café Mestizo in Chicago᾿s Pilsen

Getting Wired 8/8/09
live performance art show, at Starbucks in Chicago

(give me 5 minutes) 2/28/09
live performance art show, at Mercury Cafe

Grocery Store Stories 9/12/12
mini-feature at the Café Gallery in Chicago

HA! in Chicago 10/16/11
an AIDS Awareness/Prevention music & poetry show,
an appearance on WZRD Chicaog Radio 88.3 FM,
and a music & poetry show in the evening

Half Price Books 2/1/17
a 25+ minute poetry reading of (past & future) poetry show poems in Austin TX

Headliner 4/8/13
impromptu 14 minute poetry reading
at Chicago’s Frankenstone art center 4/8/13

hmmm 11/20/11
live performance art show at the Café

Hokin Gallery 11/9/07
live performance art show, “the Turn of the Word”

How Do I Get There? live performance art show, 2/15/05

How Music is Poetic Poetry/Music (song) feature 9/3/16
“September Song!” Poetry/music feature with acoustic guitar
and percussion, in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

Imzadi Star Trek poetry feature 3/21/15 at the Chi Fi conference

India Stories live performance at Chicago’s Art Colony, 3/14/15

In Homage Periodic Table poetry readings, 4/18/13

Interview and Poetry in “Poetry Saloon at Noon” 8/28/13

IPB: Impromptu Poetry on the Beach
live Beach Poets poetry reading 6/29/11
(set up because of a Reader newspaper misprint)

David Michael Jackson

Jake and Haystack

JK with HA!
live with the HA!man of South Africa
at Gallery Cabaret in Chicago 10/3/12

Ward Kelley

Penn Kemp

Kiki, Jake & Haystack February 2008 CD

Knocking on Death’s Door
death-related poetry readings in Chicago 8/1/11 and 8/2/11

KOOP Radio 91.7 FM Austin radio show 4/27/16

Janet Kuypers raw readings
occasional live open mike readings, but mostly
raw poetry readings from Kuypers

3/28/15 Hyde Park (Chicago) feature
at the Historic Quaker House in “Sisters on a Journey”
with Janet Kuypers’ poems about her mother

Lake County Poets Society
two 2006 poetry recordings from a Lake County Illinois open mic
including prep performances of the “Celebration of the First Amendment”
for the show at the 2006 Society of Professional Journalism Expo,
and also television show recordings (for a show that ran 4 times on television)

Lake Demented Poets
(previously Penny Dreadful House,
with Penny Dreadful Press, 3/13/02

Last Minute, 2/13/13

the last performance at the Café, 12/18/11

Letting it All Out 3/5/11
the first “Visual Nonsense” show in Lake Villa’s Swing State

Like a Lamb to the Slaughter 9/2/15
poetry feature at “Poetry At the Gallery Cabaret in Chicago

Listening In 9/12/12
mini-feature at the Café Gallery in Chicago

Live at Cafe Aloha PerformanceJanet Kuypers - Live At Cafe Aloha'

Living in a Big World
(7/17/07 performance art show)

Laura Longon

4/10/15 love poetry feature (w/ live acoustic guitar) in Chicago at Poetry’s “Love Letter”

Love in the Universe
5/7/16 astronomy & love poetry feature (w/ live acoustic guitar, plus an intro duet) in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

Mad Bar Poetry Readings

Charlotte Mair

Make People Think
impromptu 18 minute poetry reading to make people think
at Chicago’s Frankenstone art center 3/18/13

Masquerading in Costumes& Personas Poetry feature 10/1/16
show of 4 poems (and 4 costumes) in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

1989-2007 Mega Poetry
live Chicago show, Mercury Cafe 2/16/08

Mega Reading 4/13/13
live Chicago “Periodic Table” poetry show at the Art Colony

The Messenger 11/30/07 Mercury Cafe feature

Café Mestizo mini-feature of poetry and song 9/3/11

Two Mini-Features one of poetry, one of prose 5/17/11 at the Café

this poetry is Money! joint feature at Waiting 4 the Bus 7/7/14

Moving Performances audio CD from mp3 CD Janet Kuypers - Etc

My Soul in the Trunk of my Car (part 2)
“Trunk Fest” Poetry/Prose outdoors feature in Evanston IL 5/28/11

Mysticism vs. Science
7/24/13 joint poetry feature in Chicago at the Café Gallery in Chicago<

Nashville Poetry feature
over 40 minute poetry feature in Nashville of future “Tag Team” poems 10/26/13
(of select poems from the upcoming book “Tag Team Poets”)
plus bonus “Periodic Table” poems, and original songs

Nerves of a Poet Poetry/Performance Art feature 11/21/14

New Beginnings, Firsts and the Future
Poetry feature to music (and with song) 11/5/16

New Year’s Unplugged Poetry/Performance Art feature 1/15/10

the Note Poetry Readings - Mental Graffiti

Not Mute CD, and 6/23/03 performance art show

Obey Poetry/Performance Art feature 6/4/16
Women᾿s issues feature (w/ sampled music & projected art) in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

oh. the audio CD from the Internet CD Janet Kuypers - Etc

the Omniphonic Challenge 10/7/11
video of poetry performed with live and pre-recorded music
in a de-sanctified church in Chicago

Once Took Poetry to the Streets
video and chapbook of poetry readings in assorted states in the streets

One Acts 7/6/09
live performance art show at downtown Chicago’s Waiting 4 the Bus

On the Edge of the Table 12/14/12
live “Periodic Table of Poetry” show at the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Ave. in Chicago
also available separately with embedded video on a different web page...

Opening Act 10/4/13
live performance art show in Chicago (with music from the HA!Man of South Africa)
before his only live Chicago show in 2013

The Other SideJanet Kuypers - The Other Side
Chicago poetry performance art show 10/21/03

Overheard Conversations 8/15/12
mini-feature at the Café Gallery in Chicago

Partial Nudity 6/18/14
book release feature at the Café Gallery in Chicago

“Partial Nudity” book release & interview
with haiku readings on Chicago’s radio (88.3FM) 9/27/14

Music from Chicago musician and poet Peter Bartels
(of original instrumentals, from the CD Canopy),
combined with Kuypers poetry

Periodically on the Beach
Chicago poetry feature 7/21/13 from the “Periodic Table of Poetry” at Beach Poets

Periodic Poetry
Chicago poetry feature 11/21/12 from the “Periodic Table of Poetry
(also available as embedded videos page)

Periodic Prep for Radio Poetry
1/26/13 appearance on Chicago’s WZRD 88.3 FM Radio

Pilsen, Periodically
live Pilsen mini-feature 10/20/13

live Halloween 2013 performance evening 10/31/13

Poetic Shades of Chocolate
live Chicago event with full poetry feature 6/20/15

Poetry Fest
outdoors in 2004 and 2005, and at the
Society of Professional Journalists Expo in Chicago in 2006

Poetry Saloon at Noon
first feature at the Chicago Cultural Center series 1/30/13

Pointless Orchestra Rough Mixes (Not For Production)    emusic

Politics, Women & my Brain
prose & poetry live at the Café in Chicago 5/17/11

Power Networking for Success
prose & poetry live at Chicago State University library show 10/15/10

Prom ‘97 — or Doing Things Right
live Chicago short prose reading 8/23/11 at the Café

Questions in a World Without Answers
live Chicago performance art show 10/5/04

links to radio stations from scars

Rap Sheet 6/19/15 Cafe Ballou poetry feature

Recycled Reads 2/5/17
an impromptu 20+ minute poetry reading of first book published poems & brand new show poems in Austin TX

Regina’s Place 12/18/09 in Logan Square

Resistance is Futile
Star Trek poetry feature 3/20/15 on the first day of the Chi Fi conference

The Second Axing Internet radio show
11/6/03 at

Saint Paul’s
11/5/08 finale feature in Chicago, performed at the upstairs desanctified church

San Francisco and Berkeley
September ‘09 California poetry readings

Science vs. Mysticism
5/10/13 joint poetry feature in Chicago at Poetry’s “Love Letter”

Seeing a PsychiatristJanet Kuypers - Seeing A Psychiatrist
9/9/08 Chicago performance art show

the Seeing Things Differently CDJanet Kuypers - Seeing Things Differently

Sexism and other stories
Swing State 11/6/10 image-intensive performance show

Cheryl B. Sellers

Shag’s Little Thing poetry open mic

Side A/Side B 12/9/03 live Chicago performance art show

SIN news broadcasting show
9/20/05 live Chicago performance art show

11/21/06 poetry show of material
about the passing of her mother

Slinging the Word
3/16/08 poetry feature on the WordSlingers Chicago radio show
on WLUW Radio, 88.7 FM (broadcast world-wide via the Internet)

Stop. Look. Listen. A 5/3/02 performance art CD,
and 9/10/02 live Chicago performance art showJanet Kuypers - Stop. Look. Listen.

the stories of women Poetry/prose performance art show
45 minute set with original video & music at Swing State 12/4/10

Striking with Nature and Humanity
outdoor performance art show show 6/25/11 in Evanston IL “Trunk Fest” event

{stripped} political performance art show show 6/7/05

Belinda Subraman

Summer Breeze

Tag Team Reading
hour plus poetry feature in Nashville of “Tag Team” poets 5/18/13
(of select poems from the upcoming book “Tag Team Poets”)
plus bonus “Periodic Table” poems preceding the show, and bonus prose and poetry after the show

Taking Poetry to the Streets
(poetry read in Nashville, New Orleans and Naples)

Ten Minutes with Warren
Chicago poetry & music feature 6/14/11

Thoughts on Peace Poetry/Performance Art feature 8/6/16
show about peace (and being a vegetarian) w/ sampled rain forest sounds in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

Cheryl Townsend writing
(interpreted through Pointless Orchestra)

Tornado Readings 6/12/13
many poems read in Chicago’ the Café Gallery

Twitter Inside Regina’s Place 5/21/10 poetry feature
with chapbook & video clips in Logan Square (Chicago)

Triple Threat 7/24/11 poetry feature
Third “Trunk Fest” Evanston IL feature

Ultimate Connectivity Palmer Events Center 10/16/16
poetry feature with acoustic guitar, and chapbook at the Awesmic Expo Center in Austin TX

UNcorrect Jesse Oaks 6/21/07 poetry feature
with chapbook, audio & video clips
(as well as other Jesse Oaks Open Mics)

“Unlucky 13” on St. Patrick’s Day Waiting 4 the Bus 3/17/14
poetry open mic w/ 8 haiku poems together & 5 additional poems live

“Unread” at Chicago’s Beach Poets 7/26/15
2 feature readings of never-before read poems at Loyola Beach

UrbaNation 2 book release readings

Mikia Vera

a Very Goth Beach Feature
at Chicago’s Beach Poets 7/3/11

Visionaries Behind the Stars
Periodic Table poetry feature at Chicago’s Poetry “Love Letter̵ 9/12/14

Voting for Change Poetry/Performance Art feature 7/2/16
“Poetry & Politics” feature (first two pieces in show with acoustic guitar)
with a simultaneous broadcast on a large TV on stage, in Austin at the Bahá’í Center

Wandering Words
Interactive! Rearrange words in short poems to create your own poems

WSUM Radio 91.7FM “WordSalad”
show highlights with many clips that now appear on CDs

WZRD Radio 88.3FM poetry, Including

Poetry Circus 2002-2004 show highlights,
with some CD release tracks

or the 6/26/11 radio show
& “Close Cover Before Striking” poetry readings

or the 8/26/11 radio show
& “Contents Under Pressure” poetry readings

or the 1/26/13 radio show (“Periodic Prep for Radio Poetry”)
& Periodic Table poem readings

or the 9/27/14 radio show (interview and “Partial Nudity” book release)
& haiku readings

or the 7/25/15 radio show (interview and “Bon Voyage!” book release)
w/ poetry & haiku readings

performances at the open mic Yammer


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